Two Crude

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Two Crude
Crude Buster cover art.png
Arcade flyer
Developer(s)Data East
Publisher(s)Data East
Designer(s)Akira Ohtami
Composer(s)Azusa Hara
Hiroaki Yoshida
Tatsuya Kinouchi
Sega Genesis
  • NA: May 11, 1991
  • JP: 1991
  • EU: 1991
  • JP: February 28, 1992
  • NA: 1992
  • EU: 1992
Genre(s)Beat 'em up, platform
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

Two Crude, also known as Crude Buster in Japan,[a] is a 1991[citation needed] beat 'em up arcade game developed and published by Data East. The game was later ported to the Sega Genesis in 1992. Outside Japan, the port was released under the name Two Crude Dudes.

In the game, players control one of two mercenaries hired by the American government to stop the terrorist organization "Big Valley". Their objective is to retake control of a ruined New York City from Big Valley after a nuclear explosion the group caused.[1]


Players control the characters by jumping, dodging and attacking their way through legions of enemies. Because the main characters are muscle-bound brawlers, they have the ability to pick up objects well beyond their own weight (e.g. cars and traffic lights) to use as weapons.[2] They can do the same to most enemies as well. While playing co-op, it is also possible for one player to pick up the other to use as a projectile.

Each player has a life bar, which decreases each time they're hit. Some enemies can grab onto the players and drain their life. A player loses a life when his life bar reaches zero. If the hit that finishes a player is an explosion or flame, he slumps to the ground burnt. The life bar can be fully refilled between stages, with a cut scene showing the player(s) punching a "Power Cola" vending machine causing sodas to fall out which they drink, those vending machines also featured in most stages as replenishment points.


Cover art for the European Mega Drive version.

Writing for Computer and Video Games, Julian Rignall called Crude Buster "one of the best beat'em ups I've seen in years." and rated it a 95%.[2] Crash called it a "fun and humerous (sic) beat-'em-up.[1] Sinclair User also noted the game's humor, comparing it to playing an interactive cartoon. They wrote that it was even better than other recent Data East games, including the game's predecessor, Bad Dudes Vs. DragonNinja. The magazine dubbed it a "classic in terms of style and gameplay" and a "must for any arcade aficionado."[3]

Ports and related releases[edit]

Review score

The game was later ported to the Mega Drive/Genesis; however, the North American and European versions of them were retitled Two Crude Dudes. The Japanese version of this port kept the Japanese arcade version's title unchanged.

Mega placed the game at #37 in their Top Mega Drive Games of All Time.[5] MegaTech magazine said it was "the first Megadrive beat 'em up that comes close to rivalling Streets of Rage".

The arcade version was later included in the compilation disc Data East Arcade Classics, along with other Data East arcade games bought by G-Mode after Data East's bankruptcy.[6]


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