Cruel Passion

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Cruel Passion
Cruel Passion UK 2012 DVD cover.JPG
2012 UK DVD cover
Directed by Chris Boger
Written by Marquis de Sade (novel)
Ian Cullen
Starring Koo Stark
Martin Potter
Lydia Lisle
Katherine Kath
Release date
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Cruel Passion (also known as Justine) is a 1977 film starring Koo Stark, Martin Potter, Lydia Lisle, and Katherine Kath. It was directed by Chris Boger and based on the novel Justine by the Marquis de Sade.[1]


Justine is a young virgin thrown out of a French orphanage and into the depraved world of prostitution. She slips into a life of debauchery, torture, whipping, slavery and salaciousness while her brazen, flirtatious and liberated sister Juliette ironically receives nothing but happiness and reward for her wanton behavior.

Cast and characters[edit]

  • Koo Stark as Justine Jerome
  • Martin Potter as Lord Carlisle
  • Lydia Lisle as Juliette Jerome
  • Katherine Kath as Madame Laronde
  • Hope Jackman as Mrs Bonny
  • Barry McGinn as George
  • Louis Ife as Pastor John
  • Maggie Petersen as Mother Superior
  • David Masterman as Archer
  • Ian McKay as Brough
  • Ann Michelle as Pauline


The DVD is now available uncut in the United Kingdom as "Cruel Passion" and in the United States as "Marquis de Sade's Justine"[2]


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