Cruel Winter Blues

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Cruel Winter Blues
Cruel Winter Blues.jpg
Poster for Cruel Winter Blues (2006)
Revised Romanization Yeolhyeolnama
McCune–Reischauer Yŏrhyŏlnama
Directed by Lee Jeong-beom
Produced by Cha Seung-jae
Kim Mi-hee
Written by Lee Jeong-beom
Starring Sol Kyung-gu
Jo Han-sun
Na Moon-hee
Music by Kim Jun-seok
Cinematography Kim Dong-cheon
Edited by Shin Min-kyung
Distributed by CJ Entertainment
Release date
  • November 9, 2006 (2006-11-09)
Running time
118 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Budget US$4 million
Box office US$2,507,321[1]

Cruel Winter Blues (Hangul열혈남아; RRYeol-hyeol-nam-a; lit. "A Hot-blooded Man") is a 2006 South Korean film written and directed by Lee Jeong-beom.

Mis-marketed as a gangster action movie, reviewers called it an intense family drama about motherhood, as a strong, self-sacrificing mother has no choice but to endure the hardships of having a hoodlum son.[2][3]


A mob hitter, Jae-mun (Sol Kyung-gu)[4] is the seasoned veteran of a mob family. He decides to go after rival mobster Dae-sik, the man who killed his boss and childhood friend a few years earlier. He takes Chi-guk with him as his partner in the assassination. Although a physically imposing black belt in taekwondo, Chi-guk (Jo Han-sun) is a soft-spoken newcomer to gang life, who is quietly offended by Jae-mun's arbitrary and random acts of cruelty and rudeness against him and others. Together, they travel to Dae-sik's hometown, a remote rural village called Bulgyo in South Jeolla Province.

While waiting for an opportunity to perform the hit, Jae-mun coincidentally befriends Dae-sik's mother Jeon-sim (Na Moon-hee) and spends some time with her. She comes to lovingly treat him as another son, and Jae-mun begins to feel conflicted. A tragic plot develops, culminating in a bloody showdown between Jae-mun and Dae-sik.

Awards and nominations[edit]

2006 Women in Film Korea Awards[5]
2007 Baeksang Arts Awards[6]
2007 Chunsa Film Art Awards
2007 Blue Dragon Film Awards
2007 Korean Film Awards


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