Cruise of the Zaca

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Cruise of the Zaca
Directed by Errol Flynn
Starring Errol Flynn
Howard Hill
Nora Eddington
Narrated by Errol Flynn
Cinematography Jerry Corneya
Edited by Rex Steele
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Release date
6 December 1952
Running time
17 mins
Country United States
Language English

Cruise of the Zaca is a short documentary on 16mm about a trip taken by Errol Flynn in 1946 on his boat the Zaca to collect specimens with his father, Professor Flynn.[1] The trip was done in association with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography of the University of California and took place off the east coast of Mexico and in the West Indies.[2][3]


Errol Flynn leaves his house on Mullholland Drive by helicopter captained by Paul Mantz and goes to the Scripps Institution. He goes on board the Zaca and visits San Benito Island, the Panama Canal and Jamaica.


The trip started in August 1946. On board were Flynn, his father, his wife Nora, and John Decker, Howard Hill, Professor Carl Hubbs, Charles Gross and Jerry Corneya. After a month of sailing, many of the group left, including Flynn's wife and father, but Flynn pushed on through the Panama Canal to the Caribbean to Cap Haitien. Before going through the Canal, Flynn stayed in Acapulco where the Zaca had been hired to appear in The Lady from Shanghai (1948).[4]


Due to Flynn's 1948 divorce from Nora, release of the film was held up until December 1952. Although shot on 16mm the film was blown up to 35mm.[4]

In October 1951 it was announced Flynn had produced two films based on his travels, Voyage of the Zaca and Whaling in the Pacific.[5]

Critical reception[edit]

The critic from the Los Angeles Times said "it is rather a family affair with Flynn narrating effectively enough."[6]

Deep Sea Fishing[edit]

Deep Sea Fishing
Directed by Errol Flynn
Produced by Howard Hill
Starring Errol Flynn
Narrated by Bob Edge
Release date
Running time
10 mins
Country United States
Language English

Deep Sea Fishing was another film based on a fishing trip Flynn took with Howard Hill. It was shot in 16mm during the Cruise of the Zaca journey and involves Flynn and Hill boarding a small launch to fish for marlin and sail fish. Because of Flynn's contract with Warner Bros, which prevented his appearances of this kind, his name is never mention by the narrator.[4]


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