Cruises Street, Limerick

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Cruises Street (Irish: Sráid an Chruisigh) is the main shopping street of Limerick, Ireland. The street takes its name from Cruises Royal Hotel, the once well known Limerick landmark that stood where Cruises Street is now. Cruises Hotel opened in 1791 and for over 200 years provided a focal point and an entertainment venue for Limerick people and visitors to the city for generations.[1] The hotel was very well known throughout the country which fronted onto O'Connell Street. Daniel O'Connell, the famous Irish political leader in the 19th Century stayed at the hotel. It also had a presidential suite as Presidents and dignitaries who visited Limerick, regularly stayed there. The Hotel was demolished in 1991 to make way for the new pedestrianised street which opened in late 1992.

The street is relatively plain in layout and starts at a junction off O'Connell Street and runs in parallel to Denmark Street to its north and William Street which is to its south. At the centre of the street is a small square called Quimper Square. The street terminates at Chapel Lane which runs perpendicular to the street and connects to Denmark Street and William Street. A small laneway (Todd's Bow) also connects to William Street and Denmark Street from Quimper Square.

In recent years due to the economic downturn and the increase in shopping facilities in suburban areas of Limerick has resulted in a number of shop closures and a sharp reduction of footfall has occurred on the street which has caused some concern. Although most retail units remain filled, a sizeable number of units on the street remain unoccupied.

Retail Stores on Cruises Street

Stores no longer trading on Cruises Street