Crumlin (Monmouthshire) railway station

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Crumlin (Low Level) station in 1957

The Crumlin railway stations historically served the town of Crumlin, South Wales. Both stations are now closed and no longer exist.

Crumlin High Level (51°40′34″N 3°08′39″W / 51.6762°N 3.1442°W / 51.6762; -3.1442 (Crumlin High Level railway station)Coordinates: 51°40′34″N 3°08′39″W / 51.6762°N 3.1442°W / 51.6762; -3.1442 (Crumlin High Level railway station)) was located to the western bank of the famous Crumlin Viaduct on the Taff Vale Extension of the Newport, Abergavenny and Hereford Railway. It was closed in June 1964.

Crumlin Low Level (51°40′38″N 3°08′22″W / 51.6773°N 3.1394°W / 51.6773; -3.1394 (Crumlin Low Level railway station)) was sited in the Ebbw Valley in the town centre. It was the joining point of the Beaufort Ironworks Tramway running to Ebbw Vale in the north, and the Monmouthshire Canal Tramway running to Newport in the south. It was closed in 1962. In 2008 the low-level line running through Crumlin resumed passenger services as the Ebbw Valley Railway, with the nearest access being at Newbridge railway station.