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Founded 1995[1]
Founder David Roper, Stuart Crumpler and Will Miller[2]
Headquarters Melbourne / Berlin
Products Messenger bags, photography bags, laptop bags and luggage

Crumpler is a bag manufacturer with two separately held companies who design and supply different products to their respective markets. The company is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and has a European office in Berlin. Established in 1995, the company was founded by Dave Roper and Will Miller. It began as a messenger bag company, but has since expanded its range, notably into laptop bags, camera bags and luggage / travel goods.


Crumpler was founded in Melbourne in 1995 by Dave Roper and Will Miller (ex bike couriers & founders of Minuteman Messengers), and sculptor / furniture maker / bike courier Stuart Crumpler. Stuart designed the logo in 1991 which he branded onto his furniture designs.[3]

From the beginning, the bags were designed for bike messengers, in particular those working for Roper and Miller's bike courier company, Minuteman. The range grew to include more options in colours and sizes. Due to this commercial and more professional demand, the Australians looked for business partners. With Siegfried Elgert and Jörg Bodenschatz they found them. Today Crumpler is equally shared by all of them, but practically divided into two independent working parts. One providing the European, African, South and Central American and Mexican market, the other one delivering bags to the US, Canada, Asia and Australia.[citation needed]


Crumpler always reinforced its stance as an innovative business, pioneering what is now referred to as 'viral marketing', initially spray-painting its memorable logo on bicycle paths in the city, and lately promoting 'Beer for Bags' week during which the only currency accepted in company shops is beer.[citation needed]

Pop Up Store[edit]

In October 2015 the brand has opened a Pop Up Store in the 1st arrondissement of Paris at the petite Cremerie de Paris next to the Cremerie de Paris in the historic Hotel de Villeroy.[4][5]