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Crunchfuls is a brand that produces a variety of breakfast cereals and snacks made from pulses, and it was introduced in the year of 2010. It currently is being manufactured by Pul Foods of Mountain View, California.


Crunchfuls is a brand dedicated to making cereals and snacks that are made from steam cooking and toasting healthy beans and lentils into a crunchy texture. This is to create a superfood that scientifically fills the stomach and keeps it full. It is common to find this brand in Northern California grocery stores or online on their website. [1] It is possible to join the Crunchfuls team by becoming an affiliate of the company. By selling the brand to customers, the seller who joined the team will receive commission for what they sell. [2] Dr. Deepa Shenoy, PhD is the Founder of Crunchfuls Inc., and she is a Molecular Biologist and Pharmaceutical Scientist, with expertise in the areas of Ageing, Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases.[3] Crunchfuls was recognized and received a nomination for Edison's Best New product award. [4]


The flavors of the Crunchfuls brand of cereal include the following:

  • Caramel Crunchfuls Cereal
  • Chocolate Crunchfuls Cereal[5]

The flavors of the Crunchfuls brand of snacks include the following:

  • Tomato Basiol
  • Barbeque
  • Chili Lime[6]


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