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Crunchyroll Manga
Categoriesmanga, shōnen
First issueOctober 30, 2013; 5 years ago (2013-10-30)
CountryWorldwide (except China, France, Italy, Japan and Germany)
Based inSan Francisco, California, United States

Crunchyroll Manga is a digital shōnen manga anthology published by Crunchyroll in North America. It began distribution on October 30, 2013. The service launched with a lineup of twelve titles, with chapters released simultaneously with their Japanese release. Crunchyroll Manga provides English speaking readers with officially licensed editions of the latest installments of popular manga published by Futabasha, Kodansha, Kadokawa Shoten and Shōnen Gahōsha soon after their release in Japan.


On October 26, 2013, Crunchyroll confirmed that the Crunchyroll Manga service would be released October 30, 2013.[1] The service will be available in 170 countries, with the exception of Japan, China, France, Germany and Italy.[2]

On February 17, 2018, Crunchyroll announced that Kodansha titles excluding Fairy Tail would be removed from the manga section of the site on March 1. The titles are still available for purchase as eBooks.[3] On March 1, 2018, Crunchyroll announced that they would simultaneously publish new Kodansha manga titles as they release in Japan.[4]


Manga chapters are available to read online through the website or on web-enabled devices through Crunchyroll or an official app. Readers can sign up for an All-Access or Manga subscription for full access to several manga titles. Anime and Drama subscribers can read only the latest chapters with limited advertisements.[5]

The format of the anthology generally mirrors that of the equivalent magazine issues, typically featuring the same cover illustrations, as well as color interior pages. If a physical copy or digital copy of a series is available for sale, it might not be available on Crunchyroll Manga.[5]

Full series[edit]

Ongoing series[edit]

Series that are still currently running in Crunchyroll Manga.

Title Creator(s) First issue Last issue
Crayon Shin-chan Yoshito Usui Ongoing
(Monthly Shōnen Sirius)
Tsutomu Nihei March 1, 2018 Ongoing
Arpeggio of Blue Steel
(Young King OURs)
Ark Performance January 29, 2014
(Chapter #53)
Drifting Dragons
(good! Afternoon)
Taku Kuwabara March 1, 2018
Farewell, My Dear Cramer
(Monthly Shōnen Magazine)
Naoshi Arakawa March 1, 2018
Grand Blue Dreaming
(good! Afternoon)
Kenji Inoue March 1, 2018
(Dengeki Maoh)
Roji Karegishi March 25, 2016
(Chapter #0)
Our Precious Conversations
Robico March 1, 2018
(Monthly Action)
Ichigo Takano January 24, 2014
(Chapter #3)
To Your Eternity
(Weekly Shōnen Magazine)
Yoshitoki Oima March 1, 2018
Toppu GP
Kosuke Fujishima March 1, 2018
Wave, Listen to Me!
Hiroaki Samura March 1, 2018

Completed series[edit]

Series that have completed their serialization in Crunchyroll Manga.

Title Creator(s) First issue Last issue
Action Mask
(Monthly Action)
Datto Nishiwaki January 24, 2014
(Chapter #8)
As the Gods Will - The Second Series
(Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine)
Muneyoshi Kaneshiro, Akeji Fujimura October 30, 2013
(Chapter #40)
March 1, 2018[3]
Attack on Titan
(Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine)
Hajime Isayama October 30, 2013
(Chapter #50)
March 1, 2018[3]
(Monthly Young Magazine)
Tomonori Inoue October 30, 2013
(Chapter #205)
February 20, 2016
(Chapter #233)
Fairy Tail
(Weekly Shōnen Magazine)
Hiro Mashima October 30, 2013
(Chapter #376)
July 26, 2017
(Chapter #545)
Fort of Apocalypse
(Monthly Shōnen Rival)
Yuu Kuraishi, Kazu Inabe October 30, 2013
(Chapter #25)
March 1, 2018[3]
The Heroic Legend of Arslan
(Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine)
Yoshiki Tanaka, Hiromu Arakawa April 8, 2014
(Chapter #9)
March 1, 2018[3]
King's Game Origin
(Monthly Action)
Nobuaki Kanazawa, J-ta Yamada January 24, 2014
(Chapter #8)
January 25, 2016
(Chapter #30)
My Wife is Wagatsuma-san
(Weekly Shōnen Magazine)
Yuu Kuraishi and Keishi Nishikida October 30, 2013
(Chapter #67)
September 24, 2014
(Chapter #108)
Mysterious Girlfriend X
(Monthly Afternoon)
Riichi Ueshiba October 30, 2013
(Chapter #82)
September 25, 2014
(Chapter #92)
(Bessatsu Margaret, Monthly Action)
Ichigo Takano January 24, 2014
(Chapter #9)
August 25, 2015
(Chapter #22)
The Seven Deadly Sins
(Weekly Shōnen Magazine)
Nakaba Suzuki October 30, 2013
(Chapter #52)
March 1, 2018[3]
Space Brothers
(Weekly Morning)
Chūya Koyama October 30, 2013
(Chapter #220)
March 1, 2018[3]
A Town Where You Live
(Weekly Shōnen Magazine)
Koji Seo October 30, 2013
(Chapter #233)
February 12, 2014
(Chapter #261)
UQ Holder!
(Weekly Shōnen Magazine)
Ken Akamatsu October 30, 2013
(Chapter #2)
March 1, 2018[3]
Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches
(Weekly Shōnen Magazine)
Miki Yoshikawa October 30, 2013
(Chapter #84)
March 1, 2018[3]


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