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Crupet is a village in Wallonia, Belgium. It is part of the municipality of Assesse, although formerly it was itself a municipality.

Statue of the devil in the Grotto in Crupet

It is a member of the organisation Les Plus Beaux Villages de Wallonie (French; in English: Most Beautiful Villages in Wallonia).

The centre of the village is dominated by the Grotto of St Anthony of Padua. The grotto was designed by the local curate Gerard and inaugurated on 12 July 1903. It features 22 religious-themed statues. Many of them depict scenes from the life of St Anthony of Padua.

The 13th Century Castle of Crupet

The Castle of Crupet, a medieval farm-chateau is situated below the village centre, and a little to the north, next to the river.

The postal code of Crupet is 5332.

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Coordinates: 50°20′54″N 4°57′36″E / 50.348199°N 4.960005°E / 50.348199; 4.960005