Crush (2009 film)

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Crush posterimp.jpg
Promotional poster
Directed byJeffrey Gerritsen
John V. Soto
Produced byMichael Favelle
Deidre Kitcher
Ray Meadowcroft
Andrew Morgan
Written byJohn V. Soto
StarringChris Egan
Emma Lung
Brooke Harman
Christian Clark
Music byJamie Blanks
CinematographyRichard Malins
Edited byJason Ballantine
Distributed byPhase 4 Films
Release date
  • April 2009 (2009-04)
Running time
82 minutes

Crush is a 2009 Australian thriller film directed by Jeffrey Gerritsen and John V. Soto. It stars Christopher Egan as Julian, an American martial arts champ house sitting a luxury home in Perth. Julian's life unravels when he cheats on his girlfriend, Clare (Brooke Harman) with Anna (Emma Lung). It was released in Australia in April 2009. It was released on DVD in North America on 14 July 2010.[1]


An international architecture student at University of Western Australia and martial arts champ, Julian finds work as a house sitter for the wealthy owners of a luxury home in Perth. His new job causes friction with his girlfriend Clare, who he was supposed to live with. The house and wealth it exudes open up a realm of opportunities for Julian, and he is seduced by the mysterious and attractive Anna. Subsequently, his relationship with Clare falls apart, and he struggles to regain momentum in a martial arts championship. His academic life is threatened when his final university assignment disappears. When he speaks to the owner of the house, he mentions meeting the niece but is told that's impossible as she is away, and the name "Anna" gets a furious reaction. He asks a neighbour to shed some light on the conversation and it is revealed that a junkie died after getting into the house and falling down the stairs. He recognises Anna in the news photo. When she returns he acknowledges that she is a ghost; she turns monstrous and tries to persuade him to kill himself. His friends and girlfriend come to check on him but are too late to save him from falling down the stairs to his death, just like Anna.



The film was shot in Western Australia, primarily in Perth. The area offered financial incentives according to the producer. Filming locations included South Perth, Perry Lakes Reserve, University of Western Australia and West Perth.[2]



The film received a generally positive reaction from Australian cinema magazine, Filmink. "Crush delivers most of what it sets out to do. A busy soundtrack enhances the experience (itself a rarity), while muscular production and the eye candy appeal of Egan and Lung (the film's biggest asset) push proceedings a notch or two above similar movies. [...] it's all handled with enough flair to make the popcorn experience worthwhile."[3]

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