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Type Milkshake
Manufacturer Silver Spoon
Country of origin United Kingdom
Introduced 1950s
Colour Depends on flavour
Flavour Depends
Variants Various

Crusha is a brand of milkshake mix, sold in the United Kingdom and Australia. The brand first appeared in the 1950s, and was bought by British Sugar. In December 2001, it came under the Silver Spoon brand. Crusha is often the milkshake of choice in cafés. However, it is also sold in shops, for home mixing in bottles, of from 250ml to 1l in size.


Crusha was originally sold in glass bottles, but was later changed to plastic. Crusha is sold in many different flavours, the first four flavours being chocolate, banana, strawberry and raspberry.

In 2003, Joel Veitch animated an advert for Crusha, featuring cats playing musical instruments, with a ginger cat (Errol) singing, and cows getting crushed under bottles of the product.[1] Music for the commercials was provided by Mammoth Music. During October of that year, British Sugar admitted a secret plot to clear faulty milkshakes from Tesco, without telling the company.[2]

In 2004, two new flavours were added to the lineup: vanilla, lime. Other flavours have also been sold including black cherry and pineapple. Two new flavours were released in May 2005: white chocolate and "Wild'n'Fruity".

There was also an "Nothing Artificial" version of some of their flavours. In August 2007, after receiving thousands of complaints from dismayed customers, about the wildly different taste of the new 'Nothing Artificial' version of Strawberry Crusha, it was confirmed that they would revert to the old recipe.

In 2007, Crusha's "singing cats" advert was banned from television, due to a man from Lowestoft, United Kingdom producing an recreation with live cats. He was arrested, after clips of his videos on YouTube drew the attention, of a local and national news campaign.[citation needed]

In 2008, Crusha rebranded, changing their logo and introducing No Added Sugar variations of their Raspberry, Strawberry and Banana flavours. Joel Veitch produced another advert campaign, this time showing the cats inside a gym, with cows on tredmills getting Crushed by bottles of the product, with eventually the main cat singer (Errol) getting crushed as well.

In March 2010, Lime Crusha was introduced at Morrisons and Waitrose stores after a long hiatus. It rapidly established itself as its highest selling flavour. A new advert was also made, featuring the Crusha cats discorolling, with Errol getting crushed by a bottle once again. Lime Crusha was regarded as something of a 'cult drink', and for a time was not stocked by many shops, due to low customer demand.

In 2011, the Crusha brand was extended to a range of desserts, including Puddings and Jelly, the Milkshake Mix was rebranded as Crusha Mixa, and the Vanilla flavour returning as a limited Edition flavour, now as Vanilla Ice Cream. Banana Crusha was discontinued in shops, but remained a bulk product for cash and carry stores.

For 2012, an new limited edition flavour was released, Cherry and Vanilla, which replaced the Vanilla Ice Cream flavour. Another advert was broadcast that year, featuring Errol and his cats breakdancing, with cows on skateboards getting Crushed by a bottle at the end. In 2013, Apple & Blackcurrant replaced the Cherry and Vanilla flavour.

In 2014, Crusha re branded fully, scrapping "Errol's Crew" and making Errol a more younger cat, with kittens doing stunts to make Crusha, The flavour selection rebranded to just raspberry, strawberry and chocolate, with a new No Added Sugar version of the chocolate flavour. in 2016, Vanilla returned, but as a no added sugar flavour, without any sugar version.

Current flavours[edit]

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