Cruzeiro sign

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Cruzeiro sign

The Cruzeiro sign () is a typographical abbreviation or ligature consisting of a capital Latin letter "C" with a nested lower-case letter "r", connected in a single glyph.

This glyph occasionally replaced the "Cr" part of the currency symbol for the first Brazilian cruzeiro, created in 1942, whose official symbol was "Cr $" (two separate letters, a space, and a single-stroke dollar sign). It could also have been used for other Brazilian currencies called "cruzeiro" that were official in 1942–1986 and 1990–1993.[1]

Some typewriters[2][1] and cash registers[citation needed] produced for the Brazilian market had "₢" keys, and it was available in some typefaces.[citation needed]

Brazilian standard keyboard layout, showing the "₢" symbol as obtained by the AltGr-C key combination.

The Brazilian keyboard layout ABNT-2 specified by the ABNT standard NBR 10346[3] specifies that the "₢" symbols should be available through the combination AltGr+C. However, since it refers to discontinued currencies, it is hardly ever used, and may not work.[citation needed]

The symbol was included in the Unicode standard (name "CRUZEIRO SIGN", code point U+20A2) since its first version.

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