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Cruzio is the oldest and largest Internet service provider in Santa Cruz County, California. Established in 1989,[1] they provide multi-gigabit fiber Internet, business-grade wireless Internet, DSL, email, website hosting, hands-on classes, computer care, and an on-site data center, with collocation and co-working spaces, called Cruzioworks.

A registered Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC), Cruzio has a significant market share, consisting of about 9,000 households and businesses in Santa Cruz County, and a 21-year history of service. Cruzio’s network comprises seven major points of presence around the county and in the Bay Area, including Equinix and Level 3, for world-class connectivity. Cruzio is one of the largest independent Internet service providers in California, and they recently introduced heretofore unavailable enterprise-level Internet services to Santa Cruz County, representing a huge investment in the community.

Cruzio currently operates more than 40 free wi-fi hotspots in Santa Cruz County, including Louden Nelson Community Center, Beach Flats Community Center, Plaza Vigil in Watsonville, and many Santa Cruz County cafés and restaurants.

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  • [1] Santa Cruz partners with Cruzio to explore citywide gigabit fiber-optic installation


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