Cry Little Sister

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"Cry Little Sister"
Single by Gerard McMann
from the album The Lost Boys
Released 1987 (1987)
Genre Gothic rock, Dark Wave
Label Atlantic
Writer(s) Gerard McMann, Michael Mainieri

"Cry Little Sister" is a song written by Gerard McMann and Michael Mainieri and performed by McMann for the 1987 soundtrack to the film The Lost Boys. The album peaked at number 15 on the Billboard 200,[1] the single did not chart in the U.S.


McMann has said that he "wanted it to be about the longing for family from a rejected youth's perspective, which I went through myself and that many of us have felt."[2]

Re-releases and remixes[edit]

  • The song was released as a single in 2003 as "Cry Little Sister (I Need U Now)" by The Lost Brothers.
  • McMann's band G Tom Mac included a mash-up version, as well as the original Lost Boys version on their 2007 album, Thou Shalt Not Fall.
  • G Tom Mac's EP How to Be Pop, Stupid, Cool includes a remix titled "Cry Little Sister" (Rebel Angel remix)
  • G Tom Mac created "Cry Little Sister (Blood Swamp Version)," a bluesy remix inspired by the TV show, True Blood
  • A video for "Cry Little Sister (Club Cave Mix)" was produced by DJ Lee and G Tom Mac and released as a bonus feature on "Lost Boys: The Tribe" DVD*
  • In 2015 a remix of "Cry Little Sister" was produced by DJ Alexei Angelov as part of the soundtrack for Capcom's videogame DmC Devil May Cry Definitive Edition featured on the PS4 Launch Trailer.

Cover versions[edit]

  • Charlie Sexton, on his 1989 self-titled album
  • Mystic Circle, as a bonus track on their 2002 album "Damien"
  • The Lost Brothers (not the Irish folk duo) 2003
  • Zug Izland, on their 2003 album Cracked Tiles
  • Carfax Abbey, on their 2004 album Second Skin and It Screams Disease
  • Blutengel, on their 2005 album The Oxidising Angel
  • Aiden, on the soundtrack of the sequel film Lost Boys: The Tribe and the song also featured from the film Lost Boys: The Thirst.
  • Nikki McKibbin, on her 2007 album, Unleashed
  • Vesperian Sorrow, on their 2007 album, Regenesis Creation (One of two bonus tracks)
  • Ventana, on their 2009 album, "American Survival Guide Vol. 1"
  • LA Guns, on their 2009 Album "Covered in Guns"
  • I Will Never Be The Same, on his 2009 album "Standby"
  • Rikets on their 2010 Album "All American Death Cult"
  • Seasons After, on their 2010 album Through Tomorrow. This is the only charted cover of the song, reaching #20 on the Mainstream Rock charts.
  • Eminem samples the track on his song "You're Never Over" on his 2010 album Recovery
  • Joe Budden samples the track on his song "Thou Shall Not Fall" on his 2007 mixtape/album Mood Muzik 3
  • Tangerine Dream, in their 2010 album Under Cover - Chapter One
  • Lil B samples the track on the song "Unchain Me" on his 2011 album I'm Gay.
  • The Anix, on their 2011 album Sleepwalker
  • Celldweller released a "Klash-Up" in October 2012, featuring incidental music titled Hello Zepp from the first Saw movie.
  • [ELEMENT 92] 2011 band members: David Cadry & Ted Gerold (backup vocals by Lisa Dingess).
  • Krayzie Bone samples the track on his song "Hold on to Your Soul" on his 2015 album "Chasing the Devil"
  • Dee Snider on the album "Oculus Infernum," part of his side project Van Helsing's Curse.
  • Texas Microphone Massacre on their 2014 album "Fantasy Rolodex".
  • The song was sampled in the rap song 4 My Dawgs extract from the Tyga's The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty album released in June 2015 the song features the rapper Lil Wayne too.[clarification needed]