Cry Vengeance

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Cry Vengeance
Cry Vengeance poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Mark Stevens
Produced by Lindsley Parsons
John H. Burrows
Screenplay by Warren Douglas
George Bricker
Starring Mark Stevens
Music by Paul Dunlap
Cinematography William A. Sickner
Edited by Elmo Veron
Distributed by Allied Artists
Release dates
21 November 1954
Running time
83 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Cry Vengeance is a 1954 American film noir directed by Mark Stevens, starring himself.[1]


San Francisco ex-cop Vic Barron's (Stevens) family died and he himself was disfigured, framed and imprisoned when he crossed the wrong mobsters. After his release, Vic has but one desire, revenge on gangster Tino Morelli (Douglas Kennedy), whom he considers responsible.

It turns out that Morelli is hiding out in Ketchikan, Alaska. After his arrival in the isolated city, Vic finds his enemy but also the latter's charming little daughter. With the help of tavern owner Peggy Harding (Martha Hyer), he discovers that Morelli did not order the bombing and that the true murderer was the hitman Roxey (Skip Homeier).

Roxey, who has followed Vic, murders Morelli, but is wounded by Vic in a shootout, then falls from atop a dam. After saying farewell to Roxey and to Morelli's orphaned daughter, Vic travels back to San Francisco, but with a hint that he might return.



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