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Crya (Greek: Κρύα; also Carya) was a city of ancient Lycia, according to Stephanus of Byzantium (s. v.). He quotes the first book of the Epitome of Artemidorus, and the following passage: "and there are also other islands of the Cryeis, Carysis and Alina." Pliny (v. 31), who may have had the same or some like authority, says Cryeon tres, by which he means that there were three islands off or near to Crya; but he does not name them. Pliny (v. 28) places Crya in Caria, and he mentions it after Daedala, under the name of Crya fugitivorum. According to his description it is on the gulf of Glaucus. The Stadiasmus places it, under the name Κρούα, 160 stadia from Telmissus to the west. Pomponius Mela (i. 16) speaks merely of a promontorium Crya. In Ptolemy the name is written "Carya", and it is assigned to Lycia.


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