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10 x 10
Founded 1997 (1997)
Distributor(s) Topplers (France)
Country of origin  France
Location Puteaux
Official website

Crydamoure (a variation of the French phrase cri d'amour or "cry of love" in English) is a French house record label owned by Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, one half of the duo Daft Punk, and Eric Chedeville.

Label background[edit]

The label was founded in 1997, with their first single "Holiday on Ice / Santa Claus" being the first release by de Homem-Christo and his label co-owner Eric Chedeville (under the guise of Le Knight Club). Crydamoure was one of the first French house labels to incorporate band and guitar influences into its production. The label was left defunct in 2003, and shut down.

The launch of Crydamoure (absent of Thomas Bangalter) was a chance for de Homem-Christo to embark on a sound different from Daft Punk, and also a chance to bring budding new producers such as Romain Séo (Raw Man) and Paul de Homem-Christo (Play Paul; brother of Guy-Manuel) into the limelight. As de Homem-Christo concentrated on other projects and partnerships, so too did Bangalter, who also owned his own record label called Roulé. This gave Bangalter a chance to release his own music, but also to work with his friend DJ Falcon (Stéphane Quême), calling their collaborations Together. In 2015, Crydamoure was revived after Le Knight Club released a single named "The Fight", made for the Algerian film "Gates of the Sun." Le Knight Club's involvement in the revival of the label is uncertain. There has been little information provided to the general public about the label, and the label's upcoming roster is unknown.[1]


Compilation Albums[edit]


Vinyl releases[edit]

  • CRYDA 001 Le Knight Club Santa Claus / Holiday On Ice (12")
  • CRYDA 001 Le Knight Club Santa Claus / Holiday On Ice (12", Promo)
  • CRYDA 002 Paul Johnson / Le Knight Club White Winds / Santa Claus (Remix) (12")
  • CRYDA 003 Le Knight Club Troobadoor / Mirage (12")
  • CRYDA 004 Le Knight Club vs. DJ Sneak Intergalactik Disko (12")
  • CRYDA 005 Le Knight Club Boogie Shell / Coco Girlz / Mosquito / Coral Twist (12")
  • CRYDA 006 Buffalo Bunch, The T.I.T.T.S. / Music Box (12")
  • CRYDA 007 Le Knight Club Hysteria (12")
  • CRYDA 007 Le Knight Club Hysteria (12", Promo, S/Sided, W/Lbl)
  • CRYDA 008 Raw Man Lovers (12")
  • CRYDA 009 Deelat United Tastes Of Deelat (12")
  • CRYDA 010 Play Paul Spaced Out / Holy Ghostz (12")
  • CRYDA 011 Eternals, The Wrath Of Zeus (12")
  • CRYDA 012 Sedat The Turkish Avenger (12")
  • CRYDA 012 Sedat The Turkish Avenger (12", W/Lbl, Promo)
  • CRYDA 013 Le Knight Club Gator / Chérie D'Amoure (12")
  • CRYDA 013 Le Knight Club Gator / Chérie D'Amoure (12", W/Lbl)
  • CRYDA 014 Archigram Mad Joe (12")
  • CRYDA 015 Le Knight Club Soul Bells / Palm Beat / Tropicall (12")
  • CRYDA 016 Le Knight Club Nymphae Song / Rhumba (12")
  • CRYDA 017 Archigram Carnaval (12")
  • CRYDA 018 Crydajam If You Give Me The Love I Want / Playground / Loaded (12")
  • CRYDA 019 Archigram Doggystyle (12", S/Sided)


  • Le Knight Club Think Love, Not Hate
  • Le Knight Club Crydamoure Sequence Emotion

CD releases[edit]

  • CRYDA CD010 Play Paul Spaced Out (CD, Maxi)
  • CRYDA CD011 Eternals, The Wrath Of Zeus (CD, Maxi)
  • CRYDA CD012 Sedat The Turkish Avenger (CD, Maxi)

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