Crying Song

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"Crying Song"
Song by Pink Floyd
from the album Soundtrack from the Film More
PublishedLupus Music Co. Ltd
Released13 June 1969 (UK)
9 August 1969 (US)
RecordedMarch 1969
GenrePsychedelic folk
LabelEMI Columbia (UK)
Tower (US)
Songwriter(s)Roger Waters
Producer(s)Pink Floyd
Soundtrack from the Film More track listing

"Crying Song" is a song composed by Roger Waters, bassist of the British rock group Pink Floyd. It appears on their 1969 soundtrack album, Soundtrack from the Film More.[1][2] The song is a lazy pastoral-like ballad, featuring a dreamy vocal delivery by Gilmour.


The song is composed similarly to many standard folk ballads, with the only exception being the second chord. It is a D major with a diminished fifth. In this context the D major flat fifth chord has a more dissonant character and lasts for a whole measure. It creates a very dreamy, surreal atmosphere. The song has four verses connected with a unison instrumental interplay of guitar and bass.


The song is introduced by a vibraphone played by Richard Wright. David Gilmour plays acoustic guitar and the outro slide guitar solo which is, in the beginning, very close to the vocal line, with some rhythmic variation. It slowly evolves into its own melody line while maintaining its melodic character. This approach is very typical for Gilmour's later style. Roger Waters can be heard on the Fender Precision Bass while Nick Mason is using just the snare drum of his kit.



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