Crying in the Rain (Whitesnake song)

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"Crying in the Rain"
Song by Whitesnake from the album Saints & Sinners
Released 1982
Recorded 1981–1982
Length 5:59
Label Sunburst Records (UK)
Geffen (US)
Writer(s) David Coverdale
Producer(s) Martin Birch
Saints & Sinners track listing
"Victim of Love"
"Crying in the Rain"
"Here I Go Again"
"Crying in the Rain"
Single by Whitesnake
from the album Whitesnake
Released 9 April 1987
Format CD
Recorded 1986
Length 5:37
Label EMI (UK)
Geffen (US)
Writer(s) David Coverdale
Producer(s) Mike Stone, Keith Olsen
Whitesnake singles chronology
"Still of the Night"
"Crying in the Rain"
"Here I Go Again '87"

"Crying in the Rain" is a song by the English hard rock band Whitesnake. The song was originally released on the group's 1982 album Saints & Sinners, but was re-recorded on the group's 1987 album Whitesnake. The song was inspired by singer David Coverdale's divorce.

The original version of "Crying in the Rain" is very blues-based and features a short guitar solo at the beginning played by Bernie Marsden. The original song also has a bit slower tempo compared to the re-recorded version. "Crying in the Rain" and "Here I Go Again" are the only songs from Saints & Sinners that Whitesnake have kept playing live to this day, although they perform versions that are more reminiscent of the '87 version.[citation needed]

"Crying in the Rain" (along with "Here I Go Again") was re-recorded for the group's 1987 multi-platinum album Whitesnake. The re-recorded version had a much heavier and faster sound, influenced by heavy metal. The guitar solo at the beginning of the original is also removed from this version. David Coverdale has stated in interviews that "John (Sykes) hated blues".

The re-recorded version (sometimes titled "Crying in the Rain '87") was also released as a one-track promo single.[1]

The song has been a part of Whitesnake's live performances since its release in 1982, although it is the 1987 version that Whitesnake has kept performing, since 1987. Also, since Whitesnake's reformation in 2002, the song has been extended by a drum solo in the middle of the song.[2][3]