Cryptal Darkness

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Cryptal Darkness
Origin Melbourne, Australia
Genres Doom metal
Years active 1993–2002
Labels Icon
Associated acts The Eternal, InSomnius Dei, My Dying Bride, Cradle of Filth, Paramaecium
Past members Mark Kelson
Oneil Alexander
Chris Burton
Luke Wong
Sean Hinds
Martin Powell
Jade Von Nagy
Paul Venables
Terry Vainoras
Geoff Kloprogge

Cryptal Darkness were an Australian doom metal band featuring Mark Kelson, now of The Eternal & InSomnius Dei and for a short period, former My Dying Bride/Cradle of Filth member, Martin Powell.


Cryptal Darkness started life as a Grind/Death Metal band, that later changed styles and became doom band from Melbourne, Australia. With the line up of Mark Kelson, Oneil Alexander (drums), Geoff Kloprogge (vocals, guitar) and Jade Von Nagy (bass) the band released a four track single, Descend into Thy Grave and shortly thereafter the debut album Endless Tears, which has recently been re-released for international distribution. An opening slot at the 1997 Metal for the Brain festival raised awareness of the band somewhat, and much of 1998 was spent working on new material. Former Paramaecium guitarist Chris Burton replaced Kloprogge in 1997 and after some time as a temporary member, Luke Wong finally joined as full-time bassist mid-1998. Around the same time the band started working with ex-My Dying Bride keyboards player Martin Powell, who came to Australia to join the band and record "They Whispered You Had Risen", which displays a more Gothic character than earlier work. Cryptal Darkness had plans to tour Europe in late 2000, but this seems to have not occurred. Kelson has also featured in the Paramaecium line-up and Alexander played drums for Vomitorial Corpulence; both were also members of Desolate Eternity. In early 2003 the band split up and Kelson and Burton formed The Eternal. Kelson is also involved with InSomnius Dei with fellow Cryptal Darkness alumni, Terry Vainoras.

Last lineup[edit]

  • Mark Kelson (Guitars/Vocals)
  • Chris Burton (Guitar)
  • Oneil Alexander (Drums)
  • Luke Wong (Bass)
  • Sean Hinds (Keys)

Former members[edit]

  • Martin Powell (violin)
  • Terry Vainoras (keyboards)
  • Geoff Kloprogge (guitar/vocals)
  • Jade Von Nagy (Bass)
  • Paul Venables (Bass)


  • Chamber of Gore (EP) (Independent Release)
  • Endless Tears (1996/Obscure)
  • "Descend Into Thy Grave" (Single) (1996/Obscure)
  • The Coldest Winter (EP) (1999/Icon)
  • They Whispered You Had Risen (1999/Icon)
  • Chapter II - The Fallen (2000/Icon)