Bass Pro Complex (Dieppe)

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Bass Pro Complex
The Wave Swinger in the Amusement Park when it was in the Crystal Palace Complex.
Location Dieppe, New Brunswick
Coordinates 46°05′56″N 64°45′47″W / 46.098814°N 64.763095°W / 46.098814; -64.763095Coordinates: 46°05′56″N 64°45′47″W / 46.098814°N 64.763095°W / 46.098814; -64.763095
Address 499 Paul Street Dieppe, NB Canada, Canada, E1A 6S5
Opening date February 15, 1990
Owner Cadillac Fairview
No. of stores and services 5
No. of anchor tenants 1
Total retail floor area 160,000 sq ft (14,864.5 m2) [1]
No. of floors 2

Bass Pro is a shopping complex adjacent to the Champlain Place shopping mall in the city of Dieppe, New Brunswick, Canada near Moncton.

Crystal Palace in 2014


Photo from the roller coaster

The Complex was opened on February 15, 1990 under the name Crystal Palace by Cadillac Fairview as mainly an indoor amusement park with McGinnis Landing and a hotel.[2] On July 31, 2014 Cadillac Fairview announced that Crystal Palace will be permanently closing on September 1, 2014 to make way for New Brunswick's first Bass Pro Shops store.[3] As of September 1, 2014, the indoor amusement park, which included 14 rides (Carousel, Sky Flyer, Pirate's Cove Mini Golf, Wave Swinger, Convoy, Jumping' Star, Tree House, Crazy Submarine, Climbing wall, Rio Grande, Red Baron, Crazy Kars, Bullet, and Lazer Runner), a Video game arcade, and smaller snack locations including Pretzelmaker and Wazzoos (Canteen) closed for good to make way for Bass Pro Shop.[4] As of October 31, 2014, The Ramada hotel, McGinnis Landing Restaurant, and Convention Centre all have closed.[3] Crystal Palace has since been taken over and made into a Bass Pro Shops location.

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