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Crystallography Open Database (COD)
Description crystal structures and platform for world-wide collaboration.
Research center Vilnius University
Authors Saulius Gražulis
Primary citation Gražulis & al. (2012)[1]
Release date 2004
Data format .cif
Public SQL access

The Crystallography Open Database (COD) is a database of crystal structures.[1] Unlike similar crystallography databases, the database is entirely open-access, with registered users able to contribute published and unpublished structures of small molecules and small to medium sized unit cell crystals to the database. As of May 2016, the database has more than 360,000 entries.[2] The database has various contributors, and contains CIFs as defined by the IUCr. There are currently five sites worldwide that mirror this database. The 3D structures of compounds can be converted to input files for 3D printers.[3]

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