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Roman bridge over Odivelas stream
Roman bridge over Odivelas stream
Flag of Cuba
Coat of arms of Cuba
Coat of arms
Coordinates: 38°09′N 7°53′W / 38.150°N 7.883°W / 38.150; -7.883Coordinates: 38°09′N 7°53′W / 38.150°N 7.883°W / 38.150; -7.883
Country  Portugal
Region Alentejo
Subregion Baixo Alentejo
Intermunic. comm. Baixo Alentejo
District Beja
Parishes 4
 • President João Português (CDU)
 • Total 172.09 km2 (66.44 sq mi)
Population (2011)
 • Total 4,878
 • Density 28/km2 (73/sq mi)
Time zone WET/WEST (UTC+0/+1)

Cuba (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈkuβɐ]) is a town and municipality in the District of Beja in Portugal. The population in 2011 was 4,878,[1] in an area of 172.09 km².[2]

The current mayor (since 2013) is João Português. The municipal holiday is Monday after Easter.


The name "Cuba" is likely of Arabic origin, pertaining to the qubba, that is "tombs", of ascetic spiritual leaders. Such toponyms are frequent in Southern Portugal and likely related to the Sufi movements that flourished during the period of Almoravid decay, such as the one led by Ibn Qasi.[3]

Statue of Columbus in Cuba

In the 20th century a few scholars sought to turn Colombus into a Portuguese. One of these attempts had him born in the town of Cuba, after which he would have named the Caribbean island. (See possible birthplace of Christopher Columbus.) A statue honouring the explorer can be seen on the city centre.


Administratively, the municipality is divided into 4 civil parishes (freguesias):[4]


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