Cuban general election, 1920

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Cuban general election, 1920
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  Alfredo Zayas y Alfonso 1925.jpg José Miguel Gómez.jpg
Nominee Alfredo Zayas y Alfonso José Miguel Gómez
Party Popular Liberal
Popular vote 148,278 124,739
Percentage 28.77% 24.20%

President before election

Mario García Menocal
Conservative Party of Cuba

Elected President

Alfredo Zayas y Alfonso
Cuban Popular Party

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General elections were held in Cuba on 1 November 1920.[1] Alfredo Zayas y Alfonso won the presidential election, whilst the National League (an alliance of the National Conservative Party and the Cuban Popular Party) emerged as the largest faction in the House of Representatives, winning 31 of the 59 seats.



Candidate Party Votes %
Alfredo Zayas y Alfonso Popular Party 148,278
José Miguel Gómez Liberal Party 124,739
Invalid/blank votes -
Registered voters/turnout 515,353
Source: Nohlen

Note that these figures do not include the results for Havana Province due to fraud and subsequent re-runs.[2]


Party Votes % Seats
Popular Party 11
Liberal Party 2
Invalid/blank votes - -
Total 13
Source: Nohlen

House of Representatives[edit]

Party Votes % Seats
National League 31
Democratic-Liberal-Nationalist Coalition¹ 28
Invalid/blank votes - -
Total 59
Source: Nohlen

¹ The Democratic-Liberal-Nationalist Coalition was an alliance of the Liberal Party and the Democrat-Nationalist Party. All 28 seats were won by the Liberal Party.[3]


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