Cuban presidential election, 1958

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Cuban general election, 1958
← 1954 1 November 1958
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Nominee Andrés Rivero Agüero Carlos Márquez Sterling
Party Progressive Action Partido Auténtico
Popular vote 428,166 95,447
Percentage 70.40% 15.69%

President before election

Fulgencio Batista
Progressive Action Party

Elected President

Andrés Rivero Agüero (elected)
Manuel Urrutia Lleó (appointed)

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General elections were held in Cuba on 1 November 1958.[1] Due to Fidel Castro's threat to jail and execute any candidate who participated in the election, Batista-supported Andrés Rivero Agüero was the sole candidate.[2] However, he was unable to take office due to the Cuban Revolution.[2]


Candidate Party Votes Percentage
  Andrés Rivero Agüero Coalición Progresista Nacional 428,166 70.40
  Carlos Márquez Sterling Partido del Pueblo Libre 95,447 15.69
  Ramón Grau Partido Auténtico 75,789 12.46
  Alberto Salas Amaro Partido Unión Cubana 8,752 1.44
Total 608,154 100.00

The three major presidential candidates were: Carlos Márquez-Sterling for the Partido del Pueblo Libre; Ramón Grau San Martín for his faction of the Partido Revolucionario Cubano, Auténtico; and Andrés Rivero Agüero for a coalition of government parties. There was also a minor party candidate on the ballot, Alberto Salas Amaro for the Union Cubana party. Turn out was estimated at about 50% of eligible voters.[3]


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