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LaunchedDecember 10, 1950
Owned byCuban Institute of Radio and Television
Picture format480i 4:3 (SDTV)
SloganEl canal de todos
Broadcast areaCuba
HeadquartersHavana, Cuba
VHF (Cuba)Havana
Channels 6 & 8
UHF (Cuba)Channels 12 & 14
TDT (Cuba)Available nationwide (Enter channel numbers for each region in which the channel is available.)
Cable Planeta (Mexico)Channel 14

Cubavision is a Cuban television channel owned by the Cuban government.[1] It airs nationally 24 hours a day and has a cable version with a global reach called Cubavision International.[1]


The origins of Cubavision go back to December 10, 1950, with the first transmissions of CMQ-TV, channel 6. This commercial channel initiated its regular transmissions on March 11, 1951.

In 1959, with the conclusion of the Cuban Revolution, CMQ-TV, like the other means of communication in the country, ended up under the control of the State. Subsequently, on February 27, 1961, with the disappearance of commercial advertising in Cuban media, the Cuban State assumed the financing of the television channels.

In 1967, the first Telecenters (regional centers of television) were born and the use of video tape was introduced. In 1971, Cubavisión began its transmissions in color, and in the following years began to develop satellite transmissions, including the beginning of Cubavision International in 1986.


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