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United Cube Entertainment
유나이티드 큐브 엔터테인먼트
Industry Entertainment
Genre K-pop
Founded August 29, 2006 (as Playcube Inc.)[1]
Founder Hong Seung-sung (Simon Hong)
Shin Jung-hwa (Monica Shin)
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Area served
Key people
Hong Seung-sung (Co-Founder and chairman)
Shin Jung-hwa (Co-Founder and CEO, Music Cube)
Shin Dae-Nam (CEO, Cube)
Noh Hyun-Tae (Vice president, Cube)
Revenue Increase ₩ 22.3 billion (2015)[2]
Decrease ₩ -5.5 billion (2015)[2]
Owner SidusHQ (35.31%)
Hong Seung-sung (15.59%)
Shin Young-joon (Michael Shin) (4.47%)(2017)
Number of employees
Subsidiaries Music Cube, Inc.
Cube DC
Cube Japan
Cube Entertainment Japan
Starline Entertainment
Website Official Website

Cube Entertainment is a South Korean record label founded on August 29, 2006 by Hong Seung-sung and Shin Jung-hwa as Playcube Inc.. They made a strategic alliance with iHQ on September 17, 2013. Cube owns Music Cube Inc. The label's music is distributed by CJ E&M Music and Live and LOEN Entertainment.


Cube Entertainment was founded on August 29, 2006 by Hong Seung-sung (aka Simon Hong), former president of JYP Entertainment, and Shin Jung-hwa (Monica Shin) as Playcube Inc. Due to the founder's past relations, Cube is sometimes mistaken as a subsidiary of JYP Entertainment, however, it is an independent corporation. Plan A Entertainment formerly A-Cube Entertainment, founded in 2011 that Cube was one of the shareholders of A Cube.

Cube artists include Hyuna, BtoB, Roh Ji Hoon, CLC, and Pentagon.[3] Comedian Kim Kiri, a regular cast member on Gag Concert, signed onto Cube in September 2012, making him the first comedian under the label.

In 2013, it was announced that Rain signed a contract with Cube Entertainment. He officially joined after he concluded his military service on July 10, 2013. On October 15, 2013, Cube released a digital single for a new soloist artist, Shin Ji-hoon who had placed in the top 6 for K-pop Star 2. She is also a figure skater and plans on having joint careers in both figure skating and singing. Another new soloist, Oh Ye-ri was signed by Cube and released her debut digital single, "Because of You" on November 6, 2013. She was the winner of MBC's MBC College Song Festival in 2009.

In the end of 2015, Plan A Entertainment (formerly A Cube Entertainment) who maintained Huh Gak and Apink, was acquired by its distributor, LOEN Entertainment. LOEN invested owns 70% of Plan A share, making It an independent label under LOEN Entertainment.[4] Plan A Entertainment was no longer related to Cube Entertainment. In March 2016 Cube Entertainment acquired Starline Entertainment as subsidiary. Singer Wax and Shin Ji Hoon are currently signed under Starline Ent.

In the end of 2016, Shin Dae-Nam was elected to be the new CEO of Cube Entertainment, replacing former CEO Park Chung-Min. [5][6]

In the start of 2017, Universal Music sold all the 8% stockshare of Cube Entertainment. [7] CUBE Entertainment has signed a distribution contract with Loen Entertainment for future music & content circulation. [8]

United Cube[edit]

All artists under Cube Entertainment are collectively known as United Cube, similar to SM Town, YG Family, or JYP Nation.

Recording artists[edit]



Studio artists[edit]


Cube Tree is Cube's Artist Development Department Team for those training under the company. They introduce the trainees on their Instagram account: @cube.tree. CLC , PENTAGON and Jeon So-yeon have graduated from Cube Tree. At the moment, 6 current trainees have been revealed:

Dance Team[edit]


Starline Entertainment[edit]

Former artists[edit]



  • 2011 United Cube Concert: London (5 December),[10] São Paulo, Brazil (13 December)[11][12][13][14]
  • 2013 United Cube Concert

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