Cube Quest

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Cube Quest
Developer(s)Simutrek Inc.
Publisher(s)Simutrek Inc.
Designer(s)Paul Allen Newell, Duncan Muirhead, many others
Genre(s)Shoot 'em up
DisplayRaster, horizontally oriented

Cube Quest is an arcade game by Simutrek Inc released in 1983.[1][2] [3] [4] It combines 3-D polygonal graphics with laserdisc-streamed, animated backgrounds (a technique later employed by Namco's Galaxian 3).


The objective of the game is to guide a spaceship through the Cubic World to reach the Treasure of Mytha located at the opposite extreme of the player's origin. Each cube edge leads to one of 54 uniquely themed corridors where a wave of enemies must be dispatched in a tube shooter style gameplay sequence. Destroy the Dewellers of the Dark, up to 1000 points, maneuver to spaceship to avoid the obstacle and destroy the Guardian Cubes, up to 5000 points. Finally, after reaching the Treasure of Mytha, a reward befitting the Master of the Cube Quest.


Paul Allen Newell was responsible for the design and programming.[1] The laserdisc backgrounds were produced by Robert Abel and Associates. Ken Nordine (uncredited) voiced the introductory narration. The game was planned to be released for the Vectrex, but was cancelled when the console went off the market.[5] [6]

The CGI backgrounds were later used in Beyond the Mind's Eye.


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