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Cubix title card.png
Genre Adventure
Comic science fiction
Developed by Cinepix
Written by Neville Hunt
Story by Steve Asquith
Directed by Joonbum Heo
Starring English Dub Cast
Andrew Rannells
Veronica Taylor
Rachel Lillis
Dan Green
Jimmy Zoppi
Maddie Blaustein
Amy Birnbaum
Megan Hollingshead (credited as Lauren Kling)
Eric Stuart
Ted Lewis (credited as Ed Paul)
Jerry Lobozzo
Matt Hoverman
Rodger Parsons (credited as Ken Gates)
Steve Irwin
Greg Abbey (uncredited)[citation needed]
Wayne Grayson (uncredited)
Michael Alston Baley (uncredited)
Opening theme Cubix Theme
Ending theme Cubix Theme (short version)
Country of origin South Korea
Original language(s) Korean
No. of episodes 26
Executive producer(s) Alfred R. Kahn
Norman J. Grossfeld
Tom Kenney
Kyoung-joon Hwang
Wook Jung
Producer(s) John Frascesco
Editor(s) Tim Guru
Alec Puchalski
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) Cinepix
Daewon Media
4Kids Entertainment
Distributor Saban Brands (formerly) Saban Capital Group (current) (North America)
Original network SBS
Rai 2
Rai 3
Rai Gulp
Rai 4
Original release August 11, 2001 – January 24, 2004

Cubix (Korean: 큐빅스; retitled 로보짱 큐빅스 for the KBS broadcast; subtitled Robots for Everyone in the United States) is a South Korean animated television series created by Cinepix. 4Kids Entertainment acquired the rights for an English adaption dub to the series in 2001, retaining them until their transfer to Saban Brands (a subsidiary of Saban Capital Group) in June 2012. Saban Brands currently owns and manages the copyright and branding of the English adaption of the series.


Cubix was created by the Korean company called Cinepix and licensed by 4Kids Entertainment in North America, and aired for two seasons during the Kids' WB! children’s block on The WB, lasting from August 11, 2001 to January 24, 2004. To help provide their affiliates a half-hour of educational and informational programming credit, the series was later re-broadcast on FoxBox (owned by 4Kids Entertainment, later renamed 4KidsTV) from August 30, 2003 to June 12, 2004. The show remained off the air until July 24, 2010, when it resurfaced on 4Kids' then-current block The CW4Kids (later renamed Toonzai) on The CW. In 2012, the license for Cubix was purchased by Saban Brands and aired on the Vortexx block, but was removed from the block after four weeks on September 22, 2012 and replaced with another episode of Rescue Heroes. Since September 2007, the show has been streaming online, being uploaded in its entirety as of early 2008, first on the now-defunct 4Kids.TV website and now on Hulu.

Both seasons were broadcast in the UK on Cartoon Network UK.[1][2] As of May 2010, the series is airing in the UK on kids' TV channel Pop.

The show has been the theme of three video games: Showdown, Clash 'n' Bash,[3] and Race 'n' Robots.

Plot and setting[edit]

Cubix, set in the year 2044, is the story of a bright-eyed young boy named Connor with a deep fascination for robots. His father, Graham, who dislikes all robots, has never truly been supportive. That is, until they move to the robot capital of the world, Bubble Town, the location of RobixCorp. Here, robots outnumber people. The reason for RobixCorp's global success is its mysterious technology the EPU (Emotional Processing Unit), which allows a robot to develop their own unique personality, just like a human being.

Now that Connor's dream has finally come true, he finds himself with one really big problem: everyone in Bubble Town owns a robot, except him. Shortly after his arrival, he meets his nosy neighbor Abby, who sends her flying pet robot, Dondon, to spy on him. Graham, being not so fond of robots, hits Dondon over the head, knocking him out. A worried Abby, along with Connor, hop onto her hover scooter, rushing for the one place in town that can fix her friend.

Here, Connor meets Hela, who runs a special club for kids who can fix robots called The Botties Pit. However to become a member, there's a test: he has to fix a robot in less than 24 hours. Of all the robots he could have chosen, Connor picks Cubix, a one of a kind test model. Unfortunately, they call him the 'Unfixable Robot' because they all tried to repair him, especially Hela, who could never quite throw him out. Cubix is the one memory left of her father, Prof. Nemo who invented the EPU. Sadly, he vanished after an experiment with the highly volatile substance known as Solex.

Suddenly, a rogue robot inventor named Dr. K runs off with a stolen robot, leaving the Botties Pit on the verge of collapse. Connor races back inside in a final effort to save Cubix, leaving him trapped inside. This act of kindness jumpstarts Cubix's EPU bringing him back to life. With only a moment to spare, Cubix saves Connor from the collapsing building. It was never a matter of hardware but of heart, that fixed the 'Unfixable Robot'. Connor passed his first test, earning him a place in the club.

That wasn't the only surprise Cubix had in store, with his amazing design he can transform into virtually anything. Along with their new friends, Connor and Cubix face up against Dr. K to take back the kidnapped bot.

This series follows the adventures and discoveries of the Botties gang, as they unravel Dr. K.'s conspiracy and the disappearance of Professor Nemo.


Solex was said to have been discovered after an alien spacecraft crashed outside of RobixCorp, shortly before Prof. Nemo's disappearance. It has two forms: the glowing electric blue liquid form prone to random energy fluctuations and the second, more stable crystallized form used in most robots. The story suggests that it has a psychic nature as it reacts to sentient thoughts and emotions, even those of robot's EPUs. Solex in both liquid and crystallized form is capable of producing immense power. Its "radioactive" glow (in crystallized form) is similar to pure isolated radium.

Solex in the 1st series[edit]

In the first season, Dr. K collects Solex from infected robots to utilize in his ultimate plan with the aid of the Alien, who uses the alter ego of Raska, the RobixCorp spokesmodel. It is suspected that the Solex was originally discovered by Professor Nemo but fearing the misuse of its power, separated the liquid Solex into small doses, placing them in random robots (or that the explosion in his lab the day he disappeared caused the Solex he was experimenting with to be transferred into the robots that were in his lab at the time).

The liquid Solex, however, produces unexpected effects in robots; this is referred to as Solex infection. As the EPU is placed under heavy stress or emotions, the uncontrollable energy reaction of the liquid Solex causes them to malfunction and go berserk. Besides the behavioral malfunction, the infected robot also gains extreme power far beyond its normal capabilities. However, this extreme power could overload the host and cause self-destruction unless liquid Solex is removed, the robot is deactivated or the Solex energy returns to normal.

In the beginning of the first season, the Botties were unaware of K's reasons for chasing after robots, but eventually learned of the existence of Solex and soon began racing Dr. K in the search, intercepting the last few robots to possess it before he could extract it. Dr. K's plans were delayed when Kan-It unintentionally absorbed half the Solex he had collected, which ended up in the possession of the Botties. Needing more, K launched an attack on the Botties Pit to get the Solex in their possession, only for Cubix to drive them off while revealing that he possessed crystallized Solex. Changing tactics, Dr. K and the Alien devised a plan to deactivate Cubix and take some of his Solex crystals. Adding it to what he possessed, Dr. K was able to power a humongous EPU he had created, which he then used to transform his HQ into the Kulminator. In the end, Cubix sacrificed himself to defeat Kulmintor and destroy the Solex within them both. Cubix would then be revived by the last remaining traces of Solex (obtaining the ability to speak on his own in the process), ending the threat of Solex for good.


The titular Cubix is a one of a kind robot built before Professor Nemo's disappearance, who is found deactivated with no visible damage, but no way to reactivate him either. He is introduced as part of Connor's initiation ceremony as the robot he chooses to fix. However, he cannot get Cubix to work until Dr. K appears to retrieve Solex from a robot. Connor brings Cubix back to life, just as the building they are in starts to crumble. His body is made out of a number of cubes, giving him a versatile modular function- by restructuring himself and using various gadgets within the cubes, he can transform into a hover bike, an airplane, a helicopter and plenty more. He can even fly without the need to transform into a vehicle. Hidden in each cube there is a different gadget with a solution to almost every dire situation. When it comes to fighting, Cubix is exceptionally strong, but often relies on his transformational ability and unorthodox strategies to win. He is powered by a generator that runs off crystallized Solex, which is rumored to be the ultimate power source, but nobody knows exactly how it works. Cubix's body is also constructed out of a highly resistant metal that is capable of withstanding devastating amounts of damage without breaking. He also has additional parts that when added to his structure can increase his strength.

Cubix is a friendly and helpful robot, but lacks speech capability, while speaking seems to be common place among other robots. Usually he just repeats what people around him say, and uses the LED display where his eyes usually are to communicate emotions. However, later in the series this improves greatly and he becomes capable of forming sentences and dialogues, and once he regains the crystallized Solex at the end of the season 1 finale, he regains the capacity for independent speech. Voiced by Jerry Lobozzo.



Connor: The main human character of the series, Connor is obsessed with robots. He moved to Bubble Town, and soon after joined the 'Botties' by fixing the 'Unfixable Robot', Cubix. Perpetually optimistic, yet kind of a hard head, he resents his dad for never answering questions about his late mother. He's best friends with Abby, as they often play 'virtual battle' video games at her house. Him and the Botties hang out at his dad's doughnut shop and Hela's repair shop, the Botties' Pitt. Voiced by Andrew Rannells.

Abby: Connor's neighbor, best human friend, and fellow robot-lover, Abby was the first person to show Connor around Bubble Town. She has orange hair with two ponytails, hazel eyes, wears a pink and violet shirt, violet pants, and white shoes. She seems to always expose her tummy for some reason. She's a member of the Botties and her pet robot, Dondon, has been her best friend since she was 6 years old. She's a little impatient and a bit of a procrastinator but she has a sweet and compassionate side. Abby loves robots and looks up to Hela almost like a big sister, and secretly wishes to be just like her someday. She can often be found in her room studying robot repair manuals. Voiced by Veronica Taylor.

Chip: He may be short but at only 10, he's probably the smartest of the Botties. He knows practically everything about robots. At times he can be a know-it-all who only sees things his way. He's actually very insecure about his height and can come across as awkward or nervous. His robot, Cerebrix is a specialized calculation model. He's best friends with Mong. Voiced by Amy Birnbaum.

Mong: The taller and chunkier member of the Botties, Mong loves snacks and making jokes that only he ends up laughing at. He seems dense but he's actually pretty inventive and has a big heart. Highly competitive and a bit prideful, he rushes headlong into things, sometimes ignoring the consequences. His robot is Maximix, originally a fitness trainer model. Mong converted him into a motor bike. He's best friends with Chip. Voiced by Jimmy Zoppi.

Hela Nemo: The daughter of Professor Nemo and the idol of Abby, she is the owner of the Botties Pit. Hela knows almost everything about robot repair. She's pretty even keeled, and is usually a source of advice and comfort to her young apprentices. Her robot team includes Diagnostix, Mr. Fixit, Ixpressive, and Attractix (named Kan-It). She also acts as a motherly figure to Connor and despite the arguments she has with his stubborn father it is joked about in the series that she likes him. Voiced by Rachael Lillis.


Dr. K: The main antagonist of the series, Dr. K used to work for RobixCorp, but lost his arm in a lab explosion and now as a rogue robot inventor who uses his smarts for evil. In Season 1 he's after a substance called Solex to build the ultimate robot and destroy Bubble Town. His main robot is Kolossal, but he has his own line of evil robots such as Katastrophe, Kannon, Krab, Klawber, the Kulminator and Kilobot. It is unclear what happened to Dr. K at the end of the series finale, though it is possible that he gave up his evil ways. Voiced by Maddie Blaustein.

Raska: Bubble Town's most famous celebrity, Raska is the spokesmodel for RobixCorp. Raska does not have any robots of her own besides the Cinematixes that film her. Near the end of Season 1 it is revealed that Raska is the alien from the spaceship that crashed outside RobixCorp, and (using her human disguise) became a member of Prof. Nemo's team (most likely in order to retrieve the Solex). Raska and Dr. K are shown to be in some sort of alliance in order to acquire Solex for their own goals. For most of the season, Raska's true alien form is only seen on Dr. K's screen when communicating with him and is kept in complete silhouette. Her true from is fully shown in the final two episodes of the first season. She is killed when Dr. K's giant robot is destroyed by Cubix. Human: Voiced by Lauren Kling, Alien: Voiced by Eric Stuart.


Graham: Connor's dad, who owns and runs Bubble Town's most popular doughnut shop. He dislikes robots, especially the dysfunctional Waitrixes that work at his shop causing him continuous aggravation, yet he developed an exception for Cubix. He believes in good old manual labor and resents how robots have made people lazier over the years. He's a loving father, but has a hard time showing it. Sometimes he cannot quite express how he feels, particularly about his wife's death. This causes a bit of strain on his relationship with Connor. It is also hinted he has a crush on Hela. Voiced by Dan Green.

Taryn: Connor's late mother, who supposedly died when he was younger. Connor keeps a picture of her in his room as a memory.

Professor Nemo: The ultimate robotist, Professor Nemo was the one who built Cubix and invented the EPU. He disappeared in the aforementioned lab explosion caused by Solex, but was later found kidnapped by Dr. K. A giant sculpture of the Prof. stands in the grand hall of RobixCorp. He designed all of his robots with a yellow spiral. Also voiced by Dan Green.

Charles: A spoiled brat and the richest kid in town. Charles is the son of the Mayor and his family has important connections, so he gets all the latest models from RobixCorp. His favorite robot, Quixtreme 5000, is a rare pre-release model given to him as a special birthday gift, that will not be on the market for 10 years! Called Cheetah for short, he can transform into a cherry red Rolls Royce hover car, a cheetah, and an armored battling robot. This makes Charles think he can gain entry into the Botties. It is implied that he has a bit of a crush on Abby and is jealous of Connor. He often follows them around, showing off. Voiced by Ed Paul.


Botties Robots[edit]

Maximix: Maximix is Mong's robot. Maximix has a unicycle propulsion instead of legs and is also capable of transforming into a Go-kart like vehicle to provide Mong with transportation. Although not as strong as Cubix or Kolossal, Maximix has proven himself to be a formidable opponent on several occasions. He can hold his own against Kolossal or any of Dr. K's robots. Thanks to his unicycle propulsion he can reach high speeds and is quite agile. His personality is similar to his master: hot headed, competitive and a little conceited, but always reliable. Maximix's voice is similar to that of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Voiced by Frank Frankson.

Dondon: Dondon is Abby's pet robot.[4] Dondon is a personal interaction and entertainment robot, outfitted with hovering capabilities allowing him to flutter about for indefinite periods of time. So, although he has wings they are more decorative. Being small and defenseless, Dondon is not a fighter, although there are times when he has shown great courage in order to protect his friends. His features include a video telephone inside his chest cavity, secret recording devices, a camera, and a storage pouch. His yellow face also glows in the dark. His personality is very playful and imaginative- he sometimes pretends to be a secret agent for Abby, disguising himself with her jewelry and hair accessories. Though creative, Dondon is needy of Abby and can be quite bashful with strangers. Voiced by Eric Stuart.

Cerebrix: Cerebrix is Chip's robot. Like his master, Cerebrix is more of a thought focused character rather than feeling. Bipedal, with no arms, he is equipped with advanced memory, sensory, computing and processing systems stored in his "large head". He can also fly by means of a retractable propeller stored in an upper compartment of his head. His main functions include a huge sensory array and he is also equipped with two antennae through which he can tap into almost any communication wavelength and cause disturbances, creating confusion in his foes. Also his advanced probability computing system is capable of determining the outcomes of events before they occur. His personality and speech are much more machine-like but what he has to say is usually very important. Voiced by Jimmy Zoppi.

Kan-it: Kan-It is a Attractix model, and the only bot not to be own by a Bottie. Kan-It has a passion for singing, and as such was nicknamed Kan-It because Dr. K, his original master, did not like it. Kan-It speaks in a stereotypical British accent, saying cockney phrases like "Governor" and "Blimey". Kan-It control's his magnetic power by saying Magnet On(Positive Charge), Magnet Off!(Neutral Charge), Reverse Polarity(Negative Charge). Kan-It currently resides at the Botties Pit, voiced by Terri Irwin's late husband Steve Irwin.

Villainous Robots[edit]

Kilobot: First appearing in the second season, Kilobot is a vampiric robot that is far smarter than any of his cohorts. Dr. K describes him as his finest creation, developed to absorb data from other robots. Kilobot's name comes from the fact that he has the potential to copy the powers of up to 1000 other robots. As such, his power is potentially unlimited. Kilobot originally appeared in a bat-like form, but later upgraded to a bulkier body designed after Cubix's cubes. Kilobot is Cubix's new arch-enemy. In the series finale, he took control of Dr. K's robots and planned an ultimate takeover. However, he was permanently deactivated by his own Zombot.

Klank: Klank was one of Dr. K's first robots from when he was a child. Klank originally had no EPU, so when the botties found Klank in a disposal room at RobixCorp, they install one to help him adjust to the modern world. Klank's new emotions drive him to seek out Dr. K at an old abandoned house. Unlike Dr. K's other robots, Klank only appears in one episode.

Kolossal: A Frankenstein's monster-esque robot, Kolossal is the brute of Dr. K's forces. Not too intelligent and continuously relies on his master for orders but almost equal to Cubix in fighting ability, Kolossal serves as Cubix's nemesis in the early part of the show. Kolossal's equipped with various weapons but most importantly a detachable floating platform on his left shoulder where Dr. K. takes seat. Kolossal is big and strong, although bulky he is capable of limited flight and agile high jumps, his left hand is a sort of claw that can be launched to grab things from afar. Most of the time he uses only brute force to win. Without his master's continuous coordination however he can only complete basic tasks.

Kontraption: Dr. K's largest automaton, Kontraption serves as his blimp headquarters after his original base is destroyed. However, Kontraption can also turn into a large robot with great destructive capability.

Krab: Squat and crustacean-like, Krab has powerful claws and shoulders that contain a variety of weapons.

Katastrophe: A robot capable of splitting into two halves. Katastrophe's top half can fly, while the bottom rolls around on a wheel.

Kannon: An artillery robot developed by Dr. K, his body is an assembly of cannons.

Klawber: Menace of the skies, Klawber is a super-fast plane that flies through the air. Voiced by Frank Welker.

Kulminator: Dr. K's second most powerful robot (behind Kilobot). It was once Dr. K's HQ as a giant advertisement tower in an abandoned area of Bubble Town. After Dr. K had gathered enough Solex, he used it to create a humongous EPU which transformed his HQ into a giant four-legged robot. Dr. K piloted it on a course for Bubble Town with intentions to destroy it. The Botties (piloting Krab, Katastrophe, Klawber, and Kannon) attempted to stop it, but it was too big. The Alien then used the Kulminator's ultimate weapon, the Solex Blaster, to destroy Cubix, but he absorbed the energy and then fired a Solex blast of his own, knocking out the Kulminator's shields. Dr. K wanted to retreat, but the Alien was determined to continue, firing the Solex Blaster at everything while Dr. K abandoned ship. Cubix then flung himself into Kulminator, striking its EPU, destroying it and the Alien. It appeared in 'Cubix the Movie: The Search For Solex' and in season 1 Episode 13 'The Unbeatable Robot'.

Zombots: Dr. K's army of duplicating machines. When defeated, their parts can regenerate into new Zombots. In addition, they can evolve into larger, stronger versions of themselves, and transform other robots into Zombots with their attacks.

English cast[edit]

Main Cast[edit]

Guest Voices[edit]


  • Wayne Grayson: Additional Voices
  • Michael Alston Baley: Chipinator

Korean cast[edit]

  • Hong Siho: Cubix, Mong [5]
  • Lee Mi-Ja: Haneul (Connor)
  • Bae Ju-young: Don Don
  • Choi Duk Hee: Yuri (Abby)
  • Woo Jung Shin: Min Woo (Chip)
  • Jung Mi Sook: Hela
  • Lee Jung-gu: Demonix (Kilobot)
  • Kim Ki-hyun: Dr. K
  • Lee Hyun-jin: Raska
  • Bae Ju-young: Plump (Cereberix), Doctor Ball (Diagnostix)
  • Lee Jong Hyuk: Dr. Magnet (Kan-It), Dr. Nemo

List of episodes[edit]

Season 1[edit]

Release Order Title Original US airdate Episode Number
1"The Unfixable Robot"August 11, 2001 (2001-08-11)101
Connor moves to Bubble Town and meets the Botties - Abby, Mong, Chip and Hela. In order to join the club, he must fix a robot in 24 hours. He chooses Cubix, the "Unfixable Robot." When Hela brings a robot gone mad called WeldNFix to the Botties Pit, Dr. K shows up to steal it. Cubix awakens just in time to save Connor and together they fight Kolossal and Dr. K to save the Solex-infected bot.
2"Electrix"August 18, 2001 (2001-08-18)102
Connor now has a robot of his own, Cubix. Unfortunately, his dad Graham, doesn't feel the same way about robots as Connor does and decides to kick Cubix out of the house. Charles the mayor's son, also has a new robot, Quixtreme 5000. While Cubix and Quixtreme 5000 are playing cat and mouse at the Botties Pit, Lectrix, a robot that's not feeling very well, shows up. Hela volunteers to talk to Graham about Cubix, but it only makes things worse while the Lectrix's Solex goes haywire at the charging station, Dr. K takes advantage of the situation and shows up with his evil sidekick, Kolossal.
3"The Underground of Bubble Town"August 25, 2001 (2001-08-25)103
When the power keeps cutting out in Bubble Town, Abby decides to take matters into her own hands and catch the culprit. The rest of the Botties join her mission and soon they are led into Bubble Town's sewer system - Sewwix is the offender. Soon enough Dr. K and Kolossal show up and manage to break a gas main - sending the Botties on a race to save Sewwix, get Solex, and save Bubble Town from exploding!
4"The Iron Chef"September 1, 2001 (2001-09-01)104
Raska, the beloved spokesperson for Robix Corp is in Bubble Town shooting a commercial for the new Delishix. The Botties sneak onto the set, but not very stealthily - they get caught. Raska thinks that Connor would be the perfect star for the commercial and his house the perfect set. Unfortunately, Delishix is not the perfect robot and it goes berserk! The Botties chase the Solex infected robot, but so does Dr. K and it's a fight to the finish!
5"Dondon for Dinner"September 22, 2001 (2001-09-22)105
Robots are disappearing in Bubble Town, but the Botties are on the case! The Botties think Dr. K is responsible, but when Dondon narrowly escapes being disintegrated by Disposix, he knows otherwise. Unfortunately, Dondon's voice module gets broken in the attack and leaves him speechless. Finally, Disposix's Solex becomes too unstable not to notice and, of course, Dr. K shows up to collect it. Knowing he'll have to put up a fight he brings Kolossal and Katastrophe to ensure his success.
6"Heat Wave"November 17, 2001 (2001-11-17)106
The Botties are asked to help Ixtinguix, the Bubble Town fire chief, when he becomes infected with Solex and turns into a flame-throwing robot!
7"Hurricane Havoc"November 24, 2001 (2001-11-24)107
As a hurricane approaches Bubble Town, Connor and his dad have a huge fight and Connor runs Abby's house. As the storm intensifies Graham gets worried and goes out to look for his son. Hela joins him and they drive all over town. Connor now starts to worry about his missing dad and rushes to a highway crash he thinks Graham was in...he doesn't find him there, cause Graham's car is teetering off the side of a cliff! The Botties find them just in time for Cubix to save them all.
8"Magnetix Personality"October 6, 2001 (2001-10-06)108
One of Dr. K's robots, Attractix, runs away from his lair- infected with Solex- and heads straight for Bubble Town. Once there, his super magnet wreaks havoc on the otherwise peaceful town- collecting everything including Dondon! Dr. K chases his AWOL bot with Kolossal and Krab but the magnetic field is too strong even for them! Cubix uses his drill mode and brings Connor close enough to save the day and get the Solex!
9"K's Kages"January 5, 2002 (2002-01-05)109
Racing through Bubble Town gets the Botties into trouble again...this time at the Robot Graveyard. A strange robot named Konfusion appears and leads them into the Robot Zoo. Once they get there, they realize they have just set foot into Dr. K's secret lab.
10"Fixed Competition"December 1, 2001 (2001-12-01)110
It's time for the Annual Robot Grand Prix- promoting technology and beauty- and all the Botties are working furiously on their robots to win! Even Charles is planning to take home the prize with his Quixtreme 5000. Unfortunately, Quixtreme is infected with Solex! Dr. K, Kolossal and Klawber show up and instead of the final round of the Grand Prix they go another round with evil!
11"Office Politix"January 26, 2002 (2002-01-26)111
While Hela experiments on Solex, Dr. K and his alien boss launch an attack on the Bottie's pit. The Botties beat the battle-bots, but it was a fake attack! Raska shows up expressing her concern for their safety and offers Hela the Robix Corp facilities for her research. The Botties go to Robix Corp where they are treated like royalty until a new robot goes berserk and almost kills them! Hela decides to stick to the Pit so Raska gives them new miniature safety robots which turn out to be evil decoys that want to blow up Cubix! Cubix sacrifices himself in order to save everyone else.
12"Kubix!!! (a.k.a. The Doctor's office)"February 2, 2002 (2002-02-02)112
Connor and the rest of the Botties go searching for Cubix, or what's left of him only to find that he has been kollected by Dr. K! Thanks to Attractix's returned memory, they fall into Dr. K's lair, literally. Once inside, they have to overcome many obstacles until Connor can get to Cubix...he finds him, but only after K has stolen his Solex crystals. Connor also finds out that Raska is an alien and that Nemo has been held prisoner there! Luckily they fix Cubix and escape the clown tower just as it transforms...into the world's largest robot!
13"Kulminator (a.k.a. The Unbeatable Robot)"February 9, 2002 (2002-02-09)113
Connor, Cubix, and the Botties (in Dr. K's battle bots) attempt to save Bubble Town from Dr. K's enormous robot. Eventually, they wind up having to save each other- as Abby gets sucked back inside and Connor runs to her rescue. Eventually, it's comes down to Cubix and the big monster and Cubix's only chance to win is by transformation. He changes from mode to mode until he overheats and overwhelms his opponent. Unfortunately, he overheats and overwhelms himself, too and Connor is the only one that can revive him.

Season 2[edit]

Release Order Title Original US airdate Episode Number
1"Roller Koaster"March 15, 2003 (2003-03-15)214
While Connor, Cubix and the gang visit a fun-house, Dr.K's newest creation makes his impact by impersonating other robots and causing havok at the amusement park.
2"The Chipinator"March 18, 2003 (2003-03-18)215
Chip decides to build a robot called the Chipinator so he can do everything that only tall guys can do! He finds some robotic armour at the junkyard and arobotic head but soon, Chip becomes insane and attacks Bubble Town! It's up to the Botties to stop him!
3"The Incredible Shrinking Robot"March 19, 2003 (2003-03-19)216
Chedrix have been festering Connor's house so he, Cubix and a mouse exterminator robots shrink themselves to fight those robotic mice!
4"Crash Test Pest"March 17, 2003 (2003-03-17)217
A crash test dummy robot tags along with The Botties so he can lead a better life.
5"Tyrannix"March 20, 2003 (2003-03-20)218
The Botties enter their robots in the Tri-Hockey Tournament and make their way up to the finals where they will face the Dino Demolition team. But the dinosaur team's captain T-Rex is replaced by Kilobot who wants to win the tournament for Dr. K.
6"Tomorrow's Robots Today"March 22, 2003 (2003-03-22)219
Robix Corp is about to present its newest line of robots including Endurix: a robot with the ability to teleport anywhere within a 10km radius. But things go awry when Kilobot shows up and absorbs Maximix, Dondon and Endurix before facing off with Cubix.
7"Media Storm"March 21, 2003 (2003-03-21)220
When Celci-ix: a publicly-promoted bot capable of manipulating the weather is brushed off by the media in favor of the Botties, he decides to cook up a storm.
8"CirKus"March 29, 2003 (2003-03-29)221
Dr. K controls the minds of many circus robots, and the Botties must stop him.
9"Bubble Town Wishes and EPU Dreams"January 24, 2004 (2004-01-24)222
Dr. K plots to make the robots of Bubble Town assist him with his latest scheme.
10"Klank"April 5, 2003 (2003-04-05)223
The Botties reconnect one of Bubble Town's earliest robots "Klank" to a modern EPU. As it turns out Klank was created by Dr. K when he was a child.
11"The Importance of Being Maximix"April 12, 2003 (2003-04-12)224
Kilobot infiltrates Robixcorp disguised as Maximix in order to steal Professor Nemo's cloning technology. Meanwhile the Botties work on Cubix's new power up module.
12"War Triangle (a.k.a. The Lost Robots)"April 19, 2003 (2003-04-19)225
Dr. K launches a full scale attack on Robix Corp with his Zombot army but Kilobot mutinies against him and takes over the assault.
13"Final Showdown (a.k.a The Diehard Machine)"April 26, 2003 (2003-04-26)226
The Botties and Dr. K must work together in order to stop Kilobot and the Zombot army in one final showdown to decide the fate of Bubble Town.

DVD releases[edit]

North American DVD releases of Cubix - Robots For Everyone were licensed by Funimation Entertainment.

  • Cubix - Robots For Everyone Volume 1: The Unfixable Robot (February 4, 2003)[6]


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