Cuchilla Grande

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Cuchilla Grande
Cerro Catedral en Uruguay.jpg
Cerro Catedral, the highest point in Uruguay.
Highest point
Peak Cerro Catedral (Cathedral Hill)
Elevation 513.66 m (1,685.2 ft)
Coordinates 34°22′0″S 54°40′0″W / 34.36667°S 54.66667°W / -34.36667; -54.66667Coordinates: 34°22′0″S 54°40′0″W / 34.36667°S 54.66667°W / -34.36667; -54.66667
Cuchilla Grande is located in Uruguay
Cuchilla Grande
Cuchilla Grande
Location in Uruguay
Country Uruguay
Age of rock Precambrian
Type of rock Granite, gneiss

Cuchilla Grande is a hill range that crosses the west part of Uruguay from north to south. It extends from the south part of Cerro Largo Department, through the departments of Treinta y Tres and Lavalleja and ends in Maldonado Department where it forms its highest peaks.

Noted features[edit]

In the southern part of this range, there is the Cerro Catedral, the highest point of the country. This hill is situated in the Maldonado Department.

Also found in this range is the Cerro Pan de Azúcar, likewise situated in the Maldonado Department, near Piriápolis.

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  • (in Spanish) Cerro Catedral, Site of the Municipality of Maldonado, Uruguay.