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The Travunian dynasty[1] or the Belojević' dynasty, was the ruling family of Travunia, that served the first Serbian Principality under the Vlastimirović dynasty. The progenitor, Beloje, was mentioned as the župan of Travunia in the chapter on the Serbs in De Administrando Imperio (DAI) of Byzantine Emperor Constantine VII (r. 945–959). Prince Vlastimir (r. 836–851) married his daughter to Beloje's son Krajina, and elevated him to the rank of archon, some time prior the Bulgar–Serb War (839–842).[2] Krajina's descendants were entitled the rule of Travunia under Serbian suzerainty.[3] They ruled the hinterland of Dubrovnik and Boka Kotorska, with seat at Trebinje.[4] The family is mentioned after DAI in the Chronicle of the Priest of Duklja, documenting that a descendent of Hvalimir, Dragomir rules Travunija in the latter half of the 10th century, his brother Petrislav ruling Duklja and his son Stefan Vojislav later ruling Duklja.


  • Beloje (before 839), lord of Trebinje
    • Krajina (fl. 847), married the daughter of Vlastimir in 847/848, becomes Župan of Travunia
      • Hvalimir (Serbian: Хвалимир, Greek: Φαλιμἑρης,[5] Latin: Phalimer;[6] late 9th century)
        • Čučimir (Greek: Τζουτζημέρης;[5] first half of 10th century[7])
          • Dragomir, rules Travunija the second half of 10th century
            • Vojislav, lord of Trebinje the first half of 11th century, becomes prince of Duklja in 1018

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