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The Cudell was a German car made from 1898 to 1908. It was made in Aachen until 1905, and thenceforth in Berlin.

Max Cudell founded the company in 1898 to manufacture licensed De Dion-Bouton vehicles. The original 3-wheelers were succeeded by a 3.5hp voiturette. These were followed by more De Dion-style vehicles until 1904. In that year, Karl Slevogt-designed vehicles premiered with little, if any, resemblance to the former French-influenced models. These new cars featured an advanced 4-cylinder engine that had a 5-bearing crankshaft and overhead valves. Versions of the engines ranged from 16/20PS to a 6.1L 35/40PS. The Berlin branch was headed by Paul Cudell and did not make many cars. After auto manufacture was stopped, the company continued to manufacture marine engines, as well as a carburetor of the same name.