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Cue or CUE may refer to:

Event markers[edit]

  • Sensory cue, in perception (experimental psychology)
  • Cue (theatrical), the trigger for an action to be carried out at a specific time, in theatre or film
  • Cue (show control), the electronic rendering of the specific action(s) to be carried out at a specific time by a show control system
  • Voice cue, in dance, words or sounds that help match rhythmic patterns of steps with the music
  • Cue mark, in motion picture film to signal projectionists of reel changes
  • Cue, a vocal message given by a group fitness instructor to inform participants of upcoming sequences, such as a change in stretching direction

Music and audio[edit]

  • Cue (band), a Swedish musical group
  • Numark CUE, a DJ console and mixing tool developed by Numark
  • Cue tone, a message consisting of audio tones, used to prompt an action.
  • Cue (audio), to determine the desired initial playback point in a piece of recorded music
  • Cue sheet (computing), a metadata file that describes how the tracks of an audio track are laid out
  • Source cue, music that emanates from an element visible within a theatrical or movie scene, like a piano, jukebox or car radio
  • Musical cue, on sheet music helps ensemble musicians to coordinate their playing. It may also refer to a musical trigger for a theatrical cue



  • CUE, Cracow University of Economics, Poland
  • CUE, Inc.—Computer Using Educators, A California-based educational non-profit organization based in Walnut Creek, CA. As of March, 2014 the organization has approximately 7,000 members and holds two conferences annually. An Annual Conference in Palm Springs, CA in March of each year and a Fall Conference in Napa Valley, CA.


  • Cue stick, in billiard-type games
  • Cue bid, a type of bid in the card game contract bridge
  • "Cue" (among other spellings), a spelled-out name for the letter Q in the English alphabet
  • ".cue", used in the filename of cue sheets, descriptor files for specifying the layout of CD or DVD tracks
  • CUE, commercially useful enzymes
  • CUE, an infotainment, navigation and communication system used in sedans by Cadillac
  • CUE Bus (City–University–Energysaver), the local bus system operated by the city of Fairfax, Virginia, United States
  • The Circular Unitary Ensemble, in mathematics.
  • Cue sheet, for cyclists to follow a described route by cues for turns.
  • Cue: one of a pair of shoes fitted to each (cloven) hoof of an ox.

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