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Cuffs is a student group at Iowa State University that was formed in 2000 to discuss issues related to bondage, discipline, domination and sadomasochism.

The group made national headlines when in 2003, then-Cuffs president Harlan (Duane) Long requested $94 in funding from the student government in order to print fliers. Many people complained that student funds shouldn't be used for such a "deviant" group. However, the funding request was eventually approved by a vote of 21-9.[1]

Cuffs again was the subject of national attention when the group was disciplined by ISU for allegedly committing assault during a BDSM-related demonstration at one of their meetings (on Nov. 10, 2003 [1]).[2] Cuffs unsuccessfully appealed the disciplinary ruling to the Iowa Board of Regents, which refused to hear the case.[3] The end result of the disciplinary action was that Cuffs was prohibited from performing any type of demonstrations at future meetings.

As of the 2016-2017 academic year, Cuffs is still an active student organization at Iowa State University.[4]

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