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Cui Weiping (崔卫平) is a Beijing Film Academy professor and social critic. She was born in Jiangsu province. She is a famous scholar, professional translator and cultural critic.

On March 11, 2009 Michael Wines of The New York Times mentioned professor Cui Weiping as saying: "Its underlying tone is: I know you do not allow me to say certain things. See, I am completely cooperative, right?... I am singing a cute children’s song — I am a grass-mud horse! Even though it is heard by the entire world, you can’t say I’ve broken the law."

Ms. Cui compared the Anti-smut campaign to China’s 1983 Anti-spiritual pollution campaign, another crusade against pornography whose broader (and hidden) aim was to crush Western-influenced critics of the ruling party.[1]

On Grass mud horse[edit]

Cui Weiping wrote:


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