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Location of Equatorial Guinea

The Cuisine of Equatorial Guinea is a blend of the cuisines of the native tribes, as well as that of Spain (their colonial motherland) and Islamic states such as Morocco. Its cuisine incorporates various meats, including game & bush-meat as well as imports. Fish and chicken are common dishes. As seen in the dishes here, chilies and other spices are popular. Key ingredients in Equatoguinean cuisine come from local plants and animals, including plantains, sweet potato, bread fruit, yam, cocoyam (known locally as malanga), ground-nuts and snails.


  • Peppersoup, a West African soup that typically includes pepper, meats, and nutmeg
  • Sopa de pescado con cacahuete, a ground nut soup with fish, onions and tomato
  • Rocky Mountain oysters, cooked bull testicles usually deep fried
  • Paella, rice with saffron, seafood and vegetables
  • Succotash, sweet corn with lima beans or other shell beans


Examples include Malamba, a sugar cane brew, and Osang, an African tea. Beer and palm wine, an alcoholic beverage created from the sap of various species of palm tree such as the Palmyra, and coconut palms are produced locally.[1]

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