Cuisine of Lesotho

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A photo of men threshing sorghum (top) and Matebele dancers (bottom) by James Walton
A photo captioned "on the way to the store" (top) and stamping maize (bottom)

Basotho (people of Lesotho) cuisine features African traditions and British influence.[1] Lesotho is surrounded by South Africa and it shares culinary practices with its neighbor. Lesotho's food culture features Likhobe, Meat,and vegetables. Corn-based dishes include Papa and Motoho[Porridge made from sorghum].[citation needed]. British desserts can be found. Basotho cuisine tends to include sauces, but is generally less spicy than other African countries. Beetroot and carrot salads are common side dishes.[1]

Other traditional foods include:



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