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Coconut, one of the staples of the Nauruan people.

The cuisine of Nauru is the traditional cuisine of the island state on the Pacific Ocean. Due to the diversity of the country's inhabitants, the cuisine is highly diverse.

Nauru has the world's highest rate of obesity.[1]

Basic foods[edit]


Like its other island neighbors, Nauruans consume a large amount of seafood, as well as foods made from coconuts and pandanus fruits. Coconut milk is also used extensively in Nauru. Coconut fish (raw fish, often tuna, served in coconut milk with seasonings) is a traditional dish.

The native Nauruan names of traditional crops are:[2][3]


Nauruan cuisine is greatly influenced by Chinese cuisine. The Chinese are the major foreign community of the country, and there are a number of Chinese restaurants on the island, most notably in Yaren. In 2010, there were 138 Chinese restaurants in Nauru,[4][unreliable source?] in a country of hardly 10,000 people.

Nauruan cuisine also shows strong Western influence.[5]


The majority of Nauruans are Christians, and members of the Nauru Congregational Church. They often celebrate Christmas with cakes made from banana and coconut.

Some desserts, such as coconut mousse, are consumed on special occasions.


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