Culcha Candela

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Culcha Candela
Culcha Candela berlin08.jpg
Culcha Candela
Background information
Origin Berlin, Germany
Genres Dancehall, House, Reggae, Hip hop
Years active 2002-present[1]
Labels Universal Music Group
Members Johnny Strange, singer (Germany, Uganda) (founder)
Itchyban, singer (Poland) (founder)
Lafrotino, singer (Colombia) (founder)
Larsito, singer (Germany with Colombian roots) (since 2002)
Mr. Reedoo, singer (Germany) (since 2002)
Don Cali, singer (Germany, Colombia) (since 2002)
Chino con Estilo, DJ (Germany, Republic of Korea) (since 2002)

Culcha Candela is a Dancehall, Hip-Hop, House and Reggae group from Berlin, Germany, formed in 2002. Their lyrics range from political issues, such as "Una Cosa" or "Schöne, neue Welt" to party songs, such as "Partybus". The name Culcha Candela can be translated into English roughly as "hot" or "bright" culture.



  • Union Verdadera (2004)
  • Next Generation (2005)
  • Culcha Candela (2007)
  • Schöne neue Welt (2009)
  • Flätrate (2011)
  • Candelistan (2015)


  • Culcha Candela live 2008


  • Das Beste (2010)


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