Culebra Peak

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Culebra Peak
Culebra Peak.jpg
Culebra Peak viewed from south of San Luis.
Highest point
Elevation14,053 ft (4283 m) [1] NAVD88
Prominence4827 ft (1471 m) [1]
Isolation35.4 mi (56.9 km) [1]
Coordinates37°07′20″N 105°11′08″W / 37.1222416°N 105.1855625°W / 37.1222416; -105.1855625Coordinates: 37°07′20″N 105°11′08″W / 37.1222416°N 105.1855625°W / 37.1222416; -105.1855625[2]
Culebra Peak is located in Colorado
Culebra Peak
Culebra Peak
LocationCostilla County, Colorado, U.S.[2]
Parent rangeSangre de Cristo Mountains, Highest summit of the
Culebra Range[1]
Topo mapUSGS 7.5' topographic map
Culebra Peak, Colorado[2]
Easiest routeHike

Culebra Peak is the highest summit of the Culebra Range of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in the Rocky Mountains of North America. The prominent 14,053-foot (4,283 m) fourteener is located on private land, 14.2 miles (22.8 km) east-southeast (bearing 113°) of the Town of San Luis in Costilla County, Colorado, United States.[1][2] Culebra Peak is the southernmost fourteener in the Rocky Mountains.


Culebra Peak is one of the only fourteeners on private land. Access is limited, and a fee (currently[when?] $150 per person) is charged to climb the peak. Ownership of and access to the land, both for recreational and other activities, have been controversial issues for many years, involving multiple lawsuits and even occasional violence.[3] In 2017 the ranch the peak is on was put on the market for 105 million dollars, and sold later that year at an undisclosed amount.[4]

While Culebra is one of the lower fourteeners, it is the fourth-most topographically prominent peak in the state, due to its separation from the other fourteeners by the relatively low La Veta Pass.

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