Cullerin Range Wind Farm

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Cullerin Range Wind Farm
Cullerin Range Wind Farm is located in New South Wales
Cullerin Range Wind Farm
Location of Cullerin Range Wind Farm in New South Wales
Country Australia
Coordinates 34°48′50″S 149°23′46″E / 34.814°S 149.396°E / -34.814; 149.396Coordinates: 34°48′50″S 149°23′46″E / 34.814°S 149.396°E / -34.814; 149.396
Status Operational
Construction cost A$90 million
Owner(s) Energy Developments
Wind farm
Type onshore
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 30 MW

The 30 megawatt Cullerin Range Wind Farm is located in New South Wales, Australia. The wind farm was completed in 2009 and cost around $90 million.[1] The owner, Origin Energy, sold the business to Energy Developments, a subsidiary of Duet.[2]

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