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Cultivation may refer to:

  • The state of having or expressing a good education (bildung), refinement, culture, or high culture
  • Gardening
  • The controlled growing of organisms by humans
    • Agriculture, the land-based cultivation and breeding of plants (known as crops), fungi and domesticated animals
      • Crop farming, the mass-scale cultivation of (usually a specific single species of) plants as staple food or industrial crop
      • Horticulture, the cultivation of non-staple plants such as vegetables, fruits, flowers, trees and grass
      • Fungiculture, the cultivation of mushrooms and other fungi for producing food, medicine and other commercially valued products
      • Animal husbandry, the breeding of domesticated mammals (livestock and working animals) and birds (poultry), and occasionally amphibians (e.g., bullfrogs) and reptiles (e.g. snakes, softshell turtles and crocodilians)
        • Insect farming, the breeding of economic insects such as honeybees, silkworms and cochineals
    • Aquaculture, the controlled breeding or "farming" of aquatic animals, plants and algae
  • Tillage, the cultivation of fertile soil (etymological meaning of cultivation)
  • Land development
  • Colonization, socio-political cultivation of land
  • Microbiological culture, a method of multiplying microbial organisms
  • Cultivation theory, George Gerbner's model of media effects
  • A common translation for several terms originating in Chinese and broader East Asian philosophy and literature, such as Qigong and Kung Fu practices (including martial arts), Self-cultivation, and certain supernatural tropes often featured in Xianxia fiction.
  • As a proper noun

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