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The Cultural Properties of Mozambique are protected and promoted in accordance with Law 10/88 of 1988 concerning tangible and intangible properties relating to the cultural heritage of Mozambique (bens materiais e imateriais do património cultural moçambicano).[1][2] Article 3 defines eight classes of movable cultural properties and four classes of immovable cultural properties: monuments (monumentos), groups of buildings (conjuntos os grupos de edifícios), sites (locais ou sitios), and natural elements (elementos naturais); those classed as património cultural are of exceptional significance and are afforded special state protection.[1]

Cultural Patrimony[edit]

Cultural properties classed as património cultural include the following:[3][4]

Site Official name Location Date Comments Coordinates Designation Image
Casa dos Azulejos idem Maputo first town hall in city from 1901-1947 Monumento
Palácio da Ponta Vermelha id. Maputo residence of the President Monumento
Casa de Ferro id. Maputo late C19 Pre fabricated in Belgium by Société des Forges d’Aiseau to patents by Joseph Danly Monumento Casa de Ferro.jpg
Fortaleza de Nossa Senhora da Conceição id. Maputo late C18 Portuguese fortress Monumento Fortaleza Maputo-2.jpg
Pott Building Prédio Pott Maputo in ruins Monumento
National Press Imprensa Nacional Maputo 1887 Ngungunyane imprisoned inside Monumento
Central Railway Station Estação Central dos Caminhos de Ferro Maputo 1908 opened in 1910; replacement for that inaugurated by Paul Kruger in 1895 Monumento Caminhos de Ferro de Mocambique, Railway Station in Maputo, Mozambique.jpg
World War I Monument Monumento da I Guerra Mundial Maputo Monumento
Statue of Eduardo Mondlane Estátua de Eduardo Mondlane Maputo first president of the Mozambican Liberation Front Monumento
Statue of Samora Moisés Machel Estátua de Samora Moisés Machel Maputo president of the Mozambican Liberation Front Monumento
Mozambican Heroes Square Praça dos Heróis Moçambicanos Maputo dedicated to the heroic figures of the Mozambican War of Independence Monumento

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