Cultural depictions of Anne of Great Britain

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Anne, Queen of Great Britain, is depicted in novels, film and television.

She was played by Margaret Tyzack in the 1969 BBC TV drama series The First Churchills, which depicted Queen Anne's life from her childhood to her death, in the context of her friendship with Sarah and John Churchill. Elizabeth Spriggs portrayed her in the 2004 BBC drama documentary Wren: The Man Who Built Britain. In the 1984 comedy Yellowbeard she was played by Peter Bull (in his last film role) as a fat, senile woman, dominated by Sarah Churchill.

Anne is a character in the novel The Man Who Laughs by Victor Hugo, and was portrayed on screen by Anna Kallina in the 1921 Austrian silent adaptation The Grinning Face and by Josephine Crowell in the 1928 silent adaptation. She is also a character in the play Le Verre d'eau by Eugène Scribe; Gunnel Lindblom portrayed her in the 1960 Swedish TV adaptation Ett Glas vatten, Liselotte Pulver in the 1960 West German film adaptation Das Glas Wasser, Judit Halász in the 1977 Hungarian TV adaptation Sakk-matt, and Natalya Belokhvostikova in the 1979 Soviet film adaptation Stakan vody (Стакан воды).

In 2015 Helen Edmundson debuted her new play Queen Anne in the Royal Shakespeare Company's Swan Theatre, whilst the forthcoming film The Favourite is planned to cover similar ground regarding Anne and her favourites Sarah Churchill and Abigail Masham.