Cultural depictions of Edward IV of England

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Edward IV of England has been depicted in popular culture a number of times. He features as a character in:



  • The plays Henry VI, Part 2, Henry VI, Part 3, and Richard III, by William Shakespeare. In Henry VI, Part 2 Edward has a minor role. He comes in toward the end of the play to defend his father's claim to the English throne, and has only one line. In Henry VI, Part 3, Edward's role is heavily amplified and he has more lines than every character in the play besides Warwick. This play depicts Edward's rise to power, his marriage to the Lady Grey (history's Elizabeth Woodville), his betrayal by Warwick, his deposition, and his subsequent return to power. The play ends with the birth of his eldest son. In Richard III, Edward, now sick, tries to reconcile his squabbling nobles and relatives to little avail. In the play and the 1955 film Richard III, Edward's brother Richard directly hastens Edward's death, by informing the already ailing king that one of his brothers, George, Duke of Clarence is dead (Edward had revoked the order for Clarence's execution, but Richard has had Clarence secretly murdered).
  • The plays King Edward IV, Part 1 and King Edward IV, Part 2, by Thomas Heywood, a contemporary of Shakespeare's.


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'*'Kings of Albion by Julian Rathbone

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Edward has been played on film and television by: