Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa

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Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa
Full name Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa
Nickname(s) La Cultu , La Leonesa
Founded 1923
Ground Reino de León, León,
Castile and León, Spain
Ground Capacity 13,500
Owner Aspire Zone Foundation
Chairman Felipe Llamazares
Manager Rubén de la Barrera (es)
League 2ªB – Group 1
2014–15 2ª B – Group 1, 7th

Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa, is a Spanish football team based in León, in the autonomous community of Castile and León. Founded in 1923 it currently plays in Segunda División B – Group 1, holding home games at Estadio Reino de León, with a capacity of 13,500 seats.

Ahead of the 2014–15 season, the club released a kit designed to look like a tuxedo. The kit, which attracted huge attention in the media and social networking sites, was worn in a pre-season charity match in support of local charities for mining families.


Origins of football (1923–1930)[edit]

The 'Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa' was founded in May 1923, although there are documents that say that was established in April 1922, by Miguel Gutierrez Diez-Canseco. He is heir of other clubs who were in the city such as Victory and The Gymnastic Leonesa , with which coincided even some competition in their first years of life, although since its founding and was born with the role of being the first team from the capital. She played its first meeting on August 5, 1923 at the Salle de Palencia whose result was a great victory for the team Leon. The football field was located opposite Hostal San Marcos, and for that I find a gray shirt was chosen with the coat designed by Maximo Sanz, and blue pants. The final score was 3–0 in favor of the Cultural, which had the following lineup: Pereira, Manolo, I Arguello, Arguello II, Larraz, Camilo, gordon, Menendez, Azcarate, Aller and squirrel.

At that time he not competing officially, and the formula that had the board to organize parties was to send an invitation to the opposing team in exchange for remunerating them with a small amount of money.

The first competition in which he took part was in the Cultural 23/24 season with a completely amateur team. It was the regional championship. The rivals who had to face the leonine box were only two: the Spanish Sport Union Salamanca and Zamora Cultural. This was motivated because the teams were divided into groups, and the representative of Valladolid corresponded play against Palencia. Thus it was for a short leoneses championship played by the system and League double round. In the end he finished second, tied on points with Spanish Sport Union Salamanca. As in those years there was no goal average, the Spanish Sport Union Salamanca and Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa had to play a playoff game in Valladolid, in which the leonine team lost 4–2.

At that time, the main quarry was culturalist school "Belinchón" and members of staff not perceived or real. They used to train twice a week, Wednesdays and Thursdays in the field of Guzman, and later in the field at the current round square. The subsidiary of the Cultural in those days was the Sparta. The first woman was Maria Sanchez partner Miñambres, who was also the first political Leon.

In 1926 managed to become champion of Regional Championship, with 12 points. The next two years rose two categories consecutively, to achieve promotion to the Second Division in the season 1927 – 28, to return to Third Division to next year. For three years straight, from 1928 to 1930 again proclaimed regional champion.

In March 1928 it opened a popular subscription to raise money to finish the tournament in Spain in which they were immersed. It was to give the money sunk. In June this year, was put into circulation a refundable bond. In this case, the goal was to raise money to reform the field and making a great team. These bonds could subscribe for quantities of 10, 25 and 100 peseta s.

In the '1929/1930 season' ', the Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa receives one of the first grants by the City of Leon, which consist of 1000 peseta s.

Decade of the 30 (1930–1939)[edit]

'The 30/31 campaign' the dispute in Group I Third Division finishing sixth in a tournament in which appears the loss of quality in their squad and a decline that is becoming alarmingly evident. It is the era of professionalism and best figures suffer the temptation of money and leave other clubs. This exodus causes the level of the team down alarmingly and the results not accompanied by harvesting some very heavy defeats. The enthusiastic audience before no longer go, Campo de Guzman was empty and no money for travel and new signings. The tension is palpable in the environment and on July 9 board resigns being replaced by another that is incapable in the months to form a template able to fight in the tournament Third Division.

Alongside the upset crowd is divided and a new project comes in the form of Deportivo Union Leonés, society born on August 14, 1931 whose members come mainly from the Cultural disenchanted. Such is the magnitude of the events that overwhelmed by the poor response of fans and brothers clubs in the city, which refuse to cede players, July 9, 1931 the Balompédica section of the Cultural dissolves the impossibility of continuity without being able to release the new San Mamés recently built.

The footballing relay assumes thereafter the Leonés Deportivo Union club wander halfway between the first and second category until it disappears in 1934. Leon fails to have a powerful club and later the Industrial Recreation Club, driven by entrepreneurs who emerges gets to Second Category and live with the UD Leonés in the 33/34 season, but eventually disappear in 1935. In April 1935 he founded the Lion Foot-ball Club with the base of the defunct Industrial Recreation Club in what seems the umpteenth project to consolidate a club among local society. This is more ephemeral and disappear in August 1935. Between September and October 1935 is the turn of the Cultural Leonesa Society, with goal posts from the old Leon F.C. and others from different parts. Disputed First Category Championship and the outbreak of war ceases its activities and disappears.

After this, there in the summer of 1939 several teams of recent vintage disputing friendly in the absence of official competition. The most noteworthy is the S.E.U. Leon, which has as pitch Campo San Mames. Are new times, they send the military and related to the new regime and from the F.E.F. It is invited to the big cities to participate in the league with special emphasis on that squad which offer a qualitative level conform. Leonese authorities informed of the request comprise the idea of recovering and revive the footballing section of the Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa which ceased trading in 1931 and whose brilliant record was a source of pride for Leon.

After several meetings with the leadership of the SEU de León is set to build on for the new template Cultural much of their players to other selected from the various local clubs existing and others from the rest of the country will be added, curdling the new project on November 12 after a seven-year inactivity in which the popular support has great weight with financial contributions from the neighbors. Elected president is Francisco Gonzalez Valdes. In principle play in the Campo de San Mames in 1940 to move to the Campo de la Corredera.

Refoundation club and Gloria Years (1939–1975)[edit]

It was not until after the Civil War in 1939, the authorities of the new regime adopted the decision to use football as a means of fraternization between the two existing warring parties, informing local authorities newly established they must football clubs organize before arrival League championship 39/40. Existing clubs were taken by military and people related to the winning side, reorganizing as soon as possible.

In the case of Leon, the city lacked important clubs and what was done, following government guidelines, it was take the template S.E.U. and reinforce it with new players that Leon had a club to represent her. This club was registered in the Asturian Federation because the Castilian-Leonesa had recently been dissolved to reorganize the RFEF and made using the name of an existing company in the Register and hearth in the city, the Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa.

That is why one can not speak of two cultural but one albeit with a footballing section divided into two periods, one from its founding to 1935 and another from 1939 until today. The RFEF recognizes this.

Decade of the 40 (1940–1949)[edit]

The club makes debut in First Regional Category in 'season 40/41' ', proclaiming second and getting participate in the qualifying tournament for promotion to the Second Division, this tournament dominating hand coach Amadeo Sánchez . In almost two years, the Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa already in Second Division, debuting in the 'season 42/43' 'with a third place that almost allows you to ascend. From here many players are broken and whole entity loses.

In the 'season 43/44' , the first round team level was acceptable, even fighting in the first days by the head of the standings, but made a disastrous second round led the team to the last places classification, culminating in relegation to the Third Division. In this category passed in 1945 to play Golf El Ejido, home Maestranza de Aviacion, and it will remain for eight consecutive seasons, settling comfortably and have options to ascend to Second Division. The club was again in Third Division and with serious debts. The Civil Governor, who was Carlos Arias Navarro, launched a social movement helps the team with the collaboration of Bow, whose director, Primitivo Garcia newspaper, was responsible for managing all this work. In August 1945 the board itself, chaired by Antonio Amilivia, an extraordinary fee of 25 pesetas imposed to serve as an example between Leon, while the Arias Navarro himself made a donation of 10,000 pesetas to Leon entity. On August 17, in the newspaper Prow the list of donors, where it grossed a total of 23,150 pesetas, culturalist enough to save the money set was published.

During this season 45/46 played in Group VIII of Third Division with nine other teams, which highlighted the Real Valladolid, which together with the Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa, was the leading candidate to move up in weight. After the season they won the third place in the table that gave them the right to dispute the second phase, called Phase Intermedia, in which the amount to Second Division champion. Leonese had a gray action at this stage. After a good start, at the end of the competition they chained a series of defeats in a row, both in the field and outside, and finished fifth and no option to upload.

In the 'season 46/47' 'in which after being second part in the Intermediate Phase which is eliminated by being overcome by the Albacete, in a match that went Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa break winning 3–0 and after the game the score was 3–5, in favor of Albacete. This meeting took place the next day José Reyero announced his irrevocable resignation along with four executives of the club. The ruling of the Competition Committee of the Spanish Football Federation wanted to be exemplary. Posted on April 19, recognized the existence of a cultural agreement between Albacete and y Deportiva Leonesa by the second (the leonine team) was down two points to the first exchange for an amount not finally determined (some sources speak of the Albacete they had offered 25,000 peseta sa board and the Salamanca 500 pesetas players to defeat Manchego). The sentence was emphatic in its conclusions, valued events without any subterfuge and did not show precisely benevolence. Those involved were expelled, no defense, which entailed its imminent demise, plus perpetuity punish all officers. Culturalist players, meanwhile, would await the outcome of further investigation to know whether they would also be punished. Suddenly, the Leonese society turns against the sentence and begins a crusade initiated on several fronts to prevent the disappearance of the equipment. Various associations, institutions and entities, such as the Delegation Leonesa Football or Sports Press Association and even the mayor Leon Joseph Eguiagaray, sent telegrams of solidarity. Finally, Carlos Arias Navarro, at that time civil governor of Leon, makes a proceeding before the Minister of Interior, Blas Perez Gonzalez, it will lead the Steering Committee of the Spanish Football Federation suspension agreement expulsion of the Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa which would be readmitted, next to Albacete, in Third Division. It put an end to the crisis Albacete.

In the 'season 47/48' economically, it was a disastrous season. I had to make a team with players who are not charged and the best we could hope for the team was to give 100 or 200 pesetas premium, and it had only 500 members. In sports, the season begins in Leon against Santiago with an 8–1 in favor of Leon. Despite this result, it is a gray eighth season and is far from the positions giving right to play the phase of ascent to Second Division.

In the 'season 48/49' has an irregular season with great thrashings both for and against. Ends in seventh place with 26 points.

Golden Decade (1950–1959)[edit]

In the decade of the fifties, the best of Leon entity enters the presidency Antonio Amilivia, surrounded by skilled people who make up the whole club.

In the '1950/1951 season,' he begins with the resignation of President Salvador Rocha who will be succeeded by the vice president. the first game against a foreign rival is played, this being the Oporto. The first round was somewhat uneven, but the second was unbeatable, winning every game and even some with thrashings. It was finished in fifth place by the results of the first round. Economically, the season ended with a deficit of 270,000 pesetas and this made the club again resorted to private donations, and even a bullfight was organized in April 1951.

In the '1951/1952 season,' economic situation was chaotic. Leonese had to deal with 276,000 pesetas debt, of which 175,000 were players and had greater urgency to not be let down. He had to ask for a loan of 200,000 pesetas to solve this problem. The team finished third despite problems.

In the '52/53 campaign' get back return to Second Division, thanks to the regular link seconds left, and after a good playoffs for promotion which also came second.

In the 'season 53/54' , in June 1953 the first night encounter takes place in a friendly against Atletico Madrid, floodlights for the occasion was placed and was a success. In the season when it refers, it is fourth and strokes with fingertips the First Division, a goal that does not miss the next edition.

In the season '54 / 55 'Champion proclaiming April 10, 1955, with coach Roman Galarraga, who had taken the team in the Third Division.

First Season in 1955–1956 '

The Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa debut in First Division during the 'season 55/56' ', his only season in the category, finishing fifteenth and penultimate very off-hook and with only five wins. Despite this, the crowd was not disappointed and socially is achieved premiering the field Puentecilla on October 23, 1955 in a match against Athletic Club Bilbao in which grossed 1,083,044 pesetas, a milestone in those years, headquarters will team until 1998. still this season playing the Copa del Rey, in that call Copa del Generalissimo, also against Athletic Club Bilbao in a game without much atmosphere, because at that time the Cup was played after League have ended. On the economic side, the board launched the "million dollar campaign" to raise funds to meet the expenses of the team in Primera. This campaign barely exceeded 100,000 peseta s. Partners in the campaign, although it reached the figure of 7,000 members, with much of it was general (cheaper). Finally, the budget was a huge gap, and therefore a large deficit for this season.

After the descent, 'in the 1956/1957 season' ', the team scored a goal of reaching 6,000 partners and quotas were reduced. In sports, with relegation equipment he had been dismantled and there were many innovations, including the coach Roman Galarraga was not on the bench. The season was intended solely to return to the First Division. The team had very uneven results. At the end of the first lap, economic problems became apparent because of the previous season had inherited a large deficit. The players were not paid and the ticket office did not give to cover expenses. In the end, the team was sixth.

'In the 1957/1958 season,' economically the team had a very difficult situation. Debt team was 1,948,000 pesetas. This amount was divided into 662,000 pesetas that was owed to banks, 17,000 pesetas to the Football Association, 845,000 to 424,000 pesetas players and several creditors. Therefore, August 1 President Antonio Amilivia left the presidency and a new board is constituted. It launches a campaign partners to pay debts and get 4,000 partners (target was 6,000). The most urgent debt was on the Federation. If not paid, the team could not go out and play in Second Division. The new president had to travel to Madrid and finally solving the problem. In sports, there was a lot of movement of players throughout the season. therefore the team had very irregular, even in the first round was six games without a win. The second round was no better and the team finished in third division and closing the best sports cycling Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa.

'In the 1958/1959 season,' the first team and Jupiter separated so that the latter does not come down to Regional. The crowd was with the team and wanted to go up again to Second Division. Proof of this was the friendly against Vegellina where there were 2000 spectators capital equipment. The first round was positive, since only lost three games and tied another, all away from home. In the first round the team was second. The team to beat was the Salamanca. In the second round again he lost three games and drew one. At the end of the season the team finished champion with a point ahead of Salamanca. The first game of the playoffs for promotion to the Second Division was faced to La Amistad de Zaragoza. In the first game, in Aragon, he finished zeros before 20,000 people. In the exciting match ended in Leon lands four goals to two. After one season he turned to Second Division.

'In the 1959/1960 season,' in the first round results were good at home, losing only two games. Outside the home, the results were mediocre and only tied two games and losing the rest. The second round was better and the team finished in twelfth place. This season he returned to play Copa del Generalissimo (now Copa del Rey). The first round was played in very separate dates before the Extremadura Almendralejo. The first match was in November 1959 and the team was defeated by three goals to one. The second match was in March 1960 in Leon and ended two to zero. The result forced to play a playoff game on neutral ground. It was in the Stadium Rayo Vallecano, that Leon took two to zero. The second qualifying (1/16 final) was before the last classified in the First Division, ü.d. Las Palmas. This was a serious problem because the trip to the islands was very expensive. To pay the club decided that the leg would pay. Besides the president requested money to various public bodies (Civil Government, City Council and County Council). In the first game was a goalless draw. On lap in Leon, the atmosphere in the Puentecilla was impressive and won 2–0. In the second round he received the Real Madrid, that would be runner-up this season. Leon madness ensued. In the first leg at the Bernabeu he lost five to zero. In the second leg, with the result against there was a great atmosphere, although it lost 0–4. With this match the season closed.

Decade of the 60 (1960–1969)[edit]

There will be three this time the seasons in which militates in Second Division, highlighting the seventh place of the 'season 60/61' '.

In the 'season 61/62' descends to Third Division where it is sixteenth and began an ordeal of nearly a decade in the bronze category that is unable to leave despite having several chances to do so. This season is requested for the first time DNI partners to take a more rigorous partners control.

In the 'season 1962/1963' , he had debts players (900.000 peseta s), with light (the ticket office the match against Cacereño was seized to pay this bill), with the Federation west (the most important). 400,000 debt is also maintained peseta s with Provident Fund. In total there was a deficit of 1,450,000 peseta s. In this situation, the club could not invest in good players to climb to Second Division. In this season, there were only 16 players in the team, and with injuries and suspensions took its toll template that short computer performance. He finished in fourth place.

In the '1963/1964 season' ', the economic situation was dire. The deficit amounted to almost half million pesetas, of which 117,000 pesetas was the Football Federation, and if not paid, could not start playing. The legendary César, then Barcelona coach the team offered financial help. The first round is good, the team finishing fourth. In the second round, the team came to be placed in second position, but the defeat against Ponferradina ended all options for up to Second Division.

In the '1964/1965 season' ', the economic situation was worse. It should be paid to the Football Federation 180,000 peseta s. several initiatives to raise money were launched. Ponferradina played a friendly in Leon. Other friendly that was played to seek funds to the Hulleras of Sabero, the Burgos and Real Valladolid, receiving the applause of the leonine public. The civil governor Luis Amejilde helped pay the debt to the Federation with a payment of 50,000 pesetas and the negotiation of the remaining debt. also requested help from Leon colony in Mexico who responded with what he could. As the league progressed, on November 26 the famous junk operation was announced. This operation was to collect all that junk and objects that could be sold. It managed to raise a very important for the club number, and although it was not enough to pay all the debt, might face the most immediate expenses. In sports, the results of the first round were good to not miss any games. Is achieved one of the bulkier thrashings of club history before the Peñadanda, with the final result of 10–1. In Christmas was a friendly against La Bañeza to raise funds. The second round was much worse than the first, finishing in seventh place.

In the '1965–1966 season' the team was about to disappear, and when it appeared the figure of Luis Fernandez Rabanal, who with his brother Andrew as vice president, took the team into bankruptcy (with a deficit of 1,500 .000 peseta s of the time and two players with contract) traveled across the country to talk with former players and creditors who were owed money to condonasen debts. They managed to make a template in less than two months. Even to start the season, they had to ask for a personal credit 400,000 peseta s. In that campaign is runner and loses the rise to the D.C. Cartagena after three games; 2–1 in the departmental city, and tie 1–0 at home in Madrid with equal end 0–0. It was decided to resolve the tie for the highest number of corners and released due Cartagena eleven to ten. In the edition '67 / 68 'he is champion of his group and two rounds to climb dispute. In the first exceeds S.D. Huesca after three games; Huesca 2–1, 1–0 at home and 2–0 in the tiebreaker favorably held in León. In the Final loses 2–0 to Onteniente C. F. and no more than home draw with 1–1. In the 'season 68/69' he finishes fourth. In the 1969/70 season there is a substantial change in the leadership team. In February 1970, the Rabanal brothers decide to leave the presidency of the club because they made the work being proposed, which was to clean up and make viable the club. In five seasons they got a team that was dying out a solvent team and had economic surplus.

End of the glory years (1970–1975)[edit]

The rise comes at the 'season 70/71' when champion proclaims group with one point lead over D.C. Orense. In the 'season 71/72' 'white team has a good squad and are fifth, but the disbanding of some important members makes descend to Third Division in the' 72/73 campaign . In his group '73/74 campaign' not opposed and finally secures the ascent comfortably. Its passage by Second Division in the 'season 74/75' 'is ephemeral, since only five victories are achieved and just finally off the hook and problems. This is his last season in the elite, and since then the leonine club starts a downward path that leads him to journey between the Second Division B and Third Division thereafter.

Black Stage (1975–2015) [edit]

Pre-S.A.D years. (1975–2000)[edit]

'Decade of 1970 (1975–1980)'

'In the season 1975/1976' , in Third Division, the team had an irregular season where the team was leading up to the match against Baracaldo in Week 15 . at the end of the first round, the team would finish in fourth place. The situation was very tight at the beginning of the second round coming to have seven teams in just three points. The team's losing streak would force several changes on the bench. The public showed clear his discomfort that the Cultural lacked claw. The last third of the season was disastrous where the team finished in sixth place, twelve points behind champions league, Pontevedra.

'In the season 1976/1977' Football National Assembly approved the creation of the Second Division B. Therefore this year the league leaders in Third Division amount to Second Division and the following nine groups form this new category for next season. The aim was clear: finish first or at least fight for a place that was right to play the Second Division B. In the first round results at home are quite positive, losing only to the Calahorra by the minimum. Outside the Amiliva many points were removed, which it gave a very positive assessment of the first round, finishing third. In the second round results they were improved, but not enough to finish first, and finally ended in a creditable second place with 54 points and only one point behind leaders Osasuna.

'In the season 1977/1978' is committed to the continuity of the block last season. This season membership fees by 25% climbed, as the deficit reached 20 million peseta s. In the first round it was positive, where even came to be leader, but a second irregular round, where very few points were taken away. When it came Sestao, in midwinter, there were 31 centimeters of snow and thanks to municipal workers removed snow could play the game. He highlighted the meeting with the Orense which registered an entry of around 9000 spectators. The team finished sixth, far from head to 18 points Racing de Ferrol.

'In the 1978/1979 season,' she rose deficits team another five million peseta s, so did the budget to sign off on. These cuts made for the first time since the last reduction to Second, not to speak of rise immediately but future project. The first leg at home was quite positive exerting local, you will not lose a single game. Away from home they will draw very few points, beating Athletic Bilbao only to an epic match. The second round followed a similar line as it loses at home alone against Torrejón and get more points out. At the end the team finished fifth with 46 points. To alleviate the economic situation, the builder Antonio Garcia de Celis (more than 20 years later will team president) gave a floor where he raffled to get money.

'1980' '

'In the 81/82 season,' debt made a dent and the board already beginning to see powerless to finding the right solution to stop this dynamic in which they were immersed. Leonese hospitality helped the team to have 5,000 members, a minimum amount in order to meet the costs of this campaign. But that goal was not achieved and only 2,800 the number of partners was achieved. To attract more public, tickets cost 400 pesetas in general and 900 pesetas grandstand, but the team and rivals was not appealing during this campaign. All these problems ended with the moral of the directive, and the president resigned on November 13, 1981 and took over the vice president (José Antonio Gutiérrez Ballesteros) and opened an electoral process. At the meeting of January 1982, the figures for the club, who were staggering, as was expected to reach the deficit at the end of the season could reach sixty million pesetas were presented. It was also approved to sell the turrets of light to the City next season. other ways to find money to close the season with the lowest possible deficit were also searched. In sporting terms, all these problems, made the team did a very bad campaign that stayed decimonovenos, although he remained four points of salvation.

'This season 82/83' , the deficit continued to rise, and they had six million pesetas players. If not paid, the team would drop to Regional. The club decides to sell the turrets of light to City Hall, but he did not purchase. Instead it opens a public subscription, in which two million pesetas are achieved. It also gives the first million dollar grant from the history of the club, valued at two and a half million pesetas. By selling advertising Stadium two seasons, it is time musters the money to go out and play in Third Division. A few days to start the season, Zamora is penalized for not paying its players and is descended to Third Division. This made the Cultural "rise" to Second Division B. The downside is the team was ready to play third and not in Segunda B. This season, tickets are poor, and only club gets revenue. In the match against San Sebastián, the entrance to the stadium is free, in exchange for fans who want to make the donation. a fund of 600,000 pesetas, the largest of the season is achieved. In sports, the team finished in 19th place The club hit rock bottom in this category and despite the efforts to escape her few are the results you get.

'In the 83/84 season' 'it is runner-up and two rounds disputes; It is imposed on the D.C. eldense; draw 0–0 at home and 0–1 victory in Elda. He falls in the Final against Barcelona fans; tie one at home and 2–0 in the city. It was also the first season in which the shirt was advertising.

'In the 84/85 campaign' 'is runner-up again. He faces the Promotion with D.C. eldense; winning 2–0 at home and 1–2 in Elda. In the final it falls noisily against Betis Deportivo; Sevilla 9–1 and 1–2 at home. In the 85/86 edition is champion, but again falls into the Promotion, now against D.C. As Pontes Endesa; tie to one in the locality and zero coruñesa at home. On penalties falls eliminated. It is finally in the 86/87 season when he ascends to Second Division B because of the expansion of groups that suffer this.

'In the 85/86 season,' Fernandez Rabanal got to come to Real Madrid play a friendly in the preseason to get income. In the first round it is very good, where everything is gained least two games, one against Arlindo Cultural Lion Cuesta. In the retina of the fans still survives those bleachers packed and where players of Cultural given a footballing lesson to Leonesa. Alignment to the story of the Cultural with Carlos, Pin, Tobi, Roberto, Paquito, Raul, Cacharrón, Javi, Losada, and Pachi Canseco. In the second round it is a little less good, but a square is achieved for the playoffs for promotion to the Second Division. The team to beat was the As Pontes Endesa. In the first leg, in Galicia, it was a tie. In the second leg, played in Leon, the goalless draw led to penalties were decided (there was no rule of the visitor goal) where he won the As Pontes Endesa. The Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa remained again without the coveted promotion.

'In the 86/87 season,' good economic situation of the team can make a budget of thirty-five million pesetas since last season ended the year with two million pesetas. In sports, he came again Real Madrid in the close season. In the first vueltasolo you will know defeat at home to rivals, Ponferradina, in a game where there was a large presence of bercianos fans. While it was just lost in Zamora. In mid January Fernandez Resigns Rabanal, who is succeeded by Vice President Francisco Suarez, who calls elections. In February placed in second position, no longer abandon all season, and thus won promotion to Second Division B.

'In the 87/88 season,' he has a bad start where in the first four games a point is achieved and not until the ninth day in which they managed a victory. Even succeeded in Week 12 The first goal away from "Amivilia" and to add the first point should wait for the second round. The team got the mathematical salvation in the last league match.

'In the 88/89 season' ', after an initial tie at home to Santoña, the team had a spectacular start to the season and the fifth time he clinched the first position. This post was held for three weeks. In the match against Athletic Bilbao nearly two million pesetas was raised. These good run of results, in which he spent seven days without losing, broke with Argenta injury. Injury until then best player on the team made the Leon entered auger and strung other seven games without a win, which made going steadily losing positions until fall to twelfth place. Fortunately, the team was able to curb this bad time. It stagnated in the intermediate zone and the season became nondescript despite some flashes as the 0–3 achieved before the Ponferradina. All this tranquility was shattered by the onset of new economic problems, since the meeting chaired by Manuel Rodriguez began having trouble paying monthly payments to players, and they came to think of organizing a plant. At the end of the ballot she was solved (with pocket money president), and later with the transfer of Rayo Vallecano Argenta, even debuted with the locals in the final stretch of the season.

'In the 89/90 season' ', the team is mainly reinforced by the quarry. This made it a very young team. Economic problems became more patents, and in January 1990 was again a very problematic situation not have money to meet payments. thanks to a municipal subsidy of six million pesetas was solved. Sportingly, the team suffered ups and downs. In this campaign, as before, it was also seven games without losing. In the end he finished in a creditable seventh place.

'1990's' With this ascent the leonine club begins a cycle of nearly twenty consecutive years in Second Division B, except for the 94/95 season in the Third Division.

'In the 1990/1991 season,' leonine team again face a season with many economic limitations, which prevented could search the desired transfer. The team had a mediocre start, in which were some days in the fall as they were the first five games without a win (four draws and one defeat). At the end climb it is achieved with great effort and finished in a creditable ninth place.

'In the 1991/1992 season,' ongoing economic crisis team and the club made a few signings. The team has too much irregularity, where the second day finishes fourth, but until the ninth day not won in Leon. But three games to go, the culturalist team had in his hand to play the ascent phase to Segunda A division, and they were rooms. In the first "final" of the three remaining them tied in the field of Salamanca and maintained that position. Had in his hand the long-awaited ascent phase, but in the penultimate round lost to Torrelavega and even won in the last game, the results did not accompany and thus remained in sixth place without opting to climb to within three points of fourth . At the end of the season, the club had several monthly payments to players, who even planned to denounce, which would have meant relegation and possibly his disappearance. The situation was resolved with a meeting between the city of Leon and players, where the City Council gave a grant of twelve million pesetas and four million who gave the directive. With this action, economic problems were solved in part.

'The 1992/1993 season' 'began "tainted" with the economic problems of the previous season. There was a strike in January 1993 because the players did not charge the monthly payments. It was a tense situation. Again the club asked for help to City Hall to meet payments with the last part of the grant that it was for the team (came to collect 30 million), but as recognized, was nothing more than a "patch" since the Directive he was not able to earn income. It was finally decided that until the end of the season would be that the council itself would paying, while the policy should address the chips and club expenses. But when everything seemed solved a new problem arose when deciding to impound Social Security lockers and subsidies to collect 35 million owed the club 70s Everything became very uphill, because until this debt is not paid or at least a part of it, you could not receive any subsidy. He dissociated himself the subsidiary, which took a loan of 12 million pesetas and the "donated" to the team and could unlock subsidies. With this legal chicanery, the team was saved economically. With this situation, in sports was a very irregular season. In the end he finished in a creditable tenth place, given the economic situation of the club.

'In the 1993/1994 season,' lack of money caused that there were many reinforcements. In the first three days and won all the first place was achieved. But this was a mirage, and the team had a gradual decline in the standings. From the ninth day he began to live a tense atmosphere among the fans and coach. There were several changes of coaches, and even until the last day they had options to save, fell to Third Division.

'In the 1994/1995 season' ', where they had returned to Third Division. The goal was to qualify to play-off for up to Second Division B. Although there were parties with little influx of spectators, they managed to win most games without difficulty and is able to qualify for the playoffs, where it ends leader. one promotion to Second Division B solved favorably by winning disputed to Real D.C. Carabanchel, Viveiro C. F. and Real Titánico, returning to the bronze category, while his long stay in this category six are the attempts made to ascend to Second Division, all abortive.

Already in the 95/96 edition 'after being fourth in the league, it makes a lousy Promotion with no victory in his favor that leads to be overcome by ü.d. Las Palmas, Elche C. F. and Gimnàstic de Tarragona. 'In the 97/98 campaign' gets second chance after being fourth. On this occasion repeats the zero wins and is overcome by F.C. B Barcelona, Real Madrid C. F. B and C. F. Cádiz 'In the 98/99 season,' 'he proclaimed champion of his group, but in the group stage fails to be final after Córdoba C. F., Cartagonova F.C. and Racing de Ferrol.

The last major milestone has happened on October 31, 1998. The stadium Antonio Amilivia was the scene of a football game last time, as it was demolished to build houses. The closing of Antonio Amilivia had a gold pin with the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the club and the victory over Barakaldo 3–1 with two both the captain and idol of the fans of the time, Luis Ballesteros.

PROFUTLE Stage (2001–2011)[edit]

'Seasons 2000–2008'

Cultural played their home games at the new sports center of Puente Castro until May 2001, when completed construction of the New Stadium Antonio Amilivia, now Estadio Reino de León. The opening of the new stadium Antonio Amilivia coincided with the dispute of the stage of promotion to 2nd division on May 20, 2001 against Xerez. The session is 00/01 runner-up and in the playoffs is a point of Xerez D.C., beating D.C. Toledo and ü.d. Atletico Gramenet, coinciding with its transformation into S.A.D. step after which takes the name of Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa, S.A.D. In the 01/02 is again runner-up; in the last playoffs after Getafe C. F., D.C. Motril and Ct. from. L'Hospitalet. In the 03/04 after being fourth in the league it makes a good playoffs and is a point of U.E. Lleida. Behind Celta de Vigo B and ü.d. Jandía beaches. In the following years the club enters a deep pothole and the results are unexpected as both a hobby entity being relegated to positions behind where it is feared even by his descent.

'2008–2009 Season'

In the 2008–2009 season won his seventh contest playoffs for promotion to Second Division A. In the draw held at the headquarters of the RFEF, the Cultural is paired with the Sabadell CF in the game for the first knockout round match. The first leg was played at the Nova Creu Alta Stadium, with the result 1–1. The goal for Leonese was achieved by Captain Iván Mateo, alias Olympic after sending in the top of the goal arlequinada a great unstoppable howitzer. In the second part the Catalans drew a defensive error Leon behind. The all or nothing it was what both teams played in the second leg match at the Estadio Reino de León. Cultural resisted the first part with the traitor marker Sabadell worth it to be in the second qualifying phase. But hopes were dashed leonesas absence of twenty minutes to the end of the clash, with a lack pitched by the player Sabadell, Juvenal leaving the aggregate 1–2. Thus, the Cultural fails to move to the next knockout round, and therefore does not rise to Second Division A. In the summer of 2009, and after suffering many economic problems, it is covered by the Insolvency Act not to fall to Third Spanish Division.

'2009–2010 Season'

In the 2009–2010 season highlight is its role in the cup of S.M. King where after a great match that was pórroga zeros after the Cultural won the Ontinyent, at that time leader of Group III of the Second Division B of Spain, on penalties (4–5) at home. On Friday October 9, 2009 the draw for the pairings for dieciseavos final of the Copa del Rey at the headquarters of the RFEF is done, and touched the champion of the previous edition, the Barcelona Soccer Club. The first leg is played in Leon on October 28 and the return in Barcelona on November 10. In the first game he lost 0–2, with goals from Pedro and touched a historic stadium full. In the second game the Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa lost 5–0, with two goals from Bojan, one of Pedro, another of Messi and Xavi finally another. Thus ended his adventure in the Copa del Rey 2009–2010. On November 30, 2009 Resigns Dionisio Elias, responsible economic club. On April 25, 2010, wins the SD Ponferradina 1–0 at the Estadio Reino de Leon, with goals from Santi Santos, and so does the absence of two days, 46 points and survival in the Second Division B. in this season ends the season in 12th place with 49 points. On July 5 the presentation of the new coach of the Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa that just two weeks to start the preseason (July 20 or 21) had no one on the bench and this is D. Alberto Jimenez Monteagudo ago .

'2010–2011 Season'

In the 2010/11 season, the subsidiary of the leonine set disappears. On December 21, the directors of the Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa file papers asking the club liquidation. On Sunday January 9, 2011, there was a demonstration to protest against the leaders. On Friday, January 21, 2011, the captain Santi Santos template, gave a press conference tearfully in which it was announced that in the absence of agreement between the current owners of the club and an Arab group, the Cultural and Sports Leonesa is on the verge of disappearance. On Friday April 15, 2011 Javier Baena Navalon signs a contract that promises to find a solution to give viability to the club before the day June 15, 2011, otherwise the contract would lose its validity, June 15 Javier Baena go to the notary to raise public write the final sale of the club, which could not be realized because the secretary of State for Sport, Albert Soler, had not given approval to implement the trapaso of society. The day June 20, 2011 a board of directors in appointing Javier Baena as President of the Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa takes place, and concrete that will become owner of the club once authorization Soler achieved. In sport on May 1, 2011, in the match against La Muela, the Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa won 0–1 with goals from Mena that gave victory to the team and mathematical salvation in Week 36. But all these efforts were futile, as the team fell administratively to Third Division for failing to pay players.

Stage ADL and slow revival (2011–2015)[edit]

Descent of the club '

Signing Soler he was achieved on June 22, 2011, the day that became effective sale of the club and PROFUTLE happened to the history of the Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa becoming its owner ADL (Sports Performance León) that was with 82% of the shares of the club. On June 30, 2011, and after more than nine hours of meeting, the AFE (Association of Spanish Footballers) low equipment to Third Division for a debt of between 467,000 and 477,000 euros for unpaid players. That day begins a stage in the club assumed his current role, the project will build on cleaning up the club in the Third Division, a template and leoneses coaches with low wages, the idea is to pay salaries with money from subscriptions and allocate money from sponsors and grants to pay debts. The team this season has more than 3,000 partners and their stadium attendance rises by 25% compared to last year.

'2011–2012 Season'

The team found two sponsors, RMD and Decolux that provide 90,000 euros to the team. The Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa is slowly emerging from a dark period that lasts in the capital equipment from the decade of the 80. The league begins with home win of the bright B Ponferradina 1–4 in favor of whites. The Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa facing this principle always perched league among the top four. On the day 18, held on December 4, 2011, in the match Atletico Bembibre – Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa, in which culturalist won 0–1, was challenged by Atletico Bembibre by improper alignment, for problems in the chips the culturalist box. In the offices, Atletico Bembibre won the match 3–0, but the Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa had the chips in quickly rule and challenged the judge's decision. Finally, they do not return points. On the day 36, Murci beat the historical record of goals a player in a season marking Cultural goal 37 to the Virgen del Camino and surpassing the 36 goals in the 1970/1971 season Marianín. At the end of regular season, Murci mark 39 goals in 42 games in which the team is third with 82 points. Note the presence of "The Lonas" on a day corresponding to this season, and was received with a standing ovation by the crowd culturalist. In the draw held at the headquarters of the RFEF, the Cultural is paired with the Racing de Santander "B". In the first game, played in Leon on Sunday May 20, 2012, drew 2–2. The second game was on Sunday May 27, 2012, drew 0–0 at El Sardinero, and therefore does not exceed the eliminator which should endure another year in the Third Division. But there was a positive aspect in the Sardinero, which presented a good entry with 4,000 spectators, the visiting fans were amazing, some 400 leoneses moved and showed the greatness of the club, and that the place of this hobby and this team is several categories above.

'2012–2013 Season'

In the 2012–2013 season, he refuses to play the Cup Castilla y Leon to better plan the preseason. On January 2, 2013 in Leon plays a friendly against Real Valladolid to raise funds, where the Real Valladolid won 0–4. On May 19, 2013 ends the regular season, where the team finishes second with 82 points. The next day, on 20 May, a capital increase of EUR 1.9 million approved, Javier Baena resigned and its management, which leads to a Management Board headed by businessman Adolfo Leon Lopez. That same day is celebrated in La Ciudad del Fútbol, home of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) the draw for the ascent phase Second Division B, touching him in the first round the team canary Union Viera CF [1]. In the first game was played in the Canary Islands May 26, 2013, the result was 1–1, with goals from Santi Santos. In the second match of the tie he was played in Leon on June 2, 2013. 2200 fans cheered the team that took a 4–1 victory. At the beginning of the game there was a minute of silence for Luis Fernandez Rabanal, president of the club in the 60s and 80s and who once gave economic viability of the club. The next day he called the new rival, and this is the Atlético Mancha Real, in the province of Jaen. In the first match of the second qualifying round, played in Leon on June 9, 2013, in a dirty game by the visiting team, the leonine team won 1–0. In the second match of the tie, played in Mancha Real on June 15, 2013, the leonine team lost 2–1, but spent round. In this game, the two big clubs of the team, and Pride The Lion Rampant Cazurro, traveled demonstrating that the Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa has a great hobby. On Monday June 17, became the last draw in the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) touching University of Oviedo. In the first game of the third and final tie against the University of Oviedo, the Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa gets a tie at 1 with a goal by Ortiz in which the Cultural deserved more. The entrance was around about 5,000 fans, the best entry of the season. In the second and decisive match he was played on all or nothing in Oviedo, an agonizing encounter with extension included in which the leonine team was embraced by many fans, he won 1–2, and it got back to the second Division B two seasons later. Furthermore, in this June due to various debt agreements with creditors it fell by 500,000 €, being this around €1.7 million, highlighting the €325,000 forgiveness Domingo Cueto. Also other ex-presidents and ex-directors of the club in the 80s of the twentieth century have changed their debt for shares. On July 12, 2013, the RFEF rejected the collateral submitted by the directive and in principle would have to be another year in Third Division even with the right cattle in the field to play in Second Division B. But with the disappearance of ü.d. Salamanca and Salamanca Athletic controversial transformation, the board had more time to make an endorsement in conditions.

'2013–2014 Season'

Even without knowing which category the team will play on Saturday, July 27, 2013 he had his first preseason game against La Virgen del Camino. It was in the first game of the Castilla and Leon Cup, which this year if he plays, and the final result 1–2 in favor of the culturalist. July 29 starts a concentration of three days in the town of Bonar. Around concentration, dispute the Sports Area Puente Castro the second corresponding to the Castilla y León Cup match, losing 2–3 to the Zamora and being eleminada the tournament. On August 5 ripped acts of the 90th anniversary of the club, which will be developed throughout the season. That same week, it was officially confirmed that the team would compete in Second Division B. Corresponded Group I, consisting of teams northwestern peninsular RC Celta "B", SD Compostela, CORUXO FC , Racing Ferrol, CD Ourense, Real Aviles, Caudal Deportivo, Marino de Luanco, Real Oviedo, Sporting "B", Noja SD, Racing Santander, CD Tropezón, Burgos CF, CD GUIJUELO, Zamora CF, Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa, UD Logrones and SD Logrones. This season also plays the Cup Royal Spanish Football Federation. In the first regional qualifying round, playing against CD Guijuelo, which tied 2–2 at Leon, and in Guijuelo wins 0–2 and goes to the regional finals. In the regional Federation Cup final Arandina touched. In the first leg of the tie, played in León, he lost 0–1. a minute's silence for the death of Francisco Suarez, former player, coach and president twice the team. In the second leg, he lost 3–0. In league, it does not pass and saved a lot of trouble. A season finale is fourteenth with 44 points. On Friday 16 May played a friendly match against La Bañeza FC in the final result was 5–3. So a season in sports gave no trouble was closed.

'2014–2015 Season'

Wednesday July 30, 2014 begins the preseason in the Triangular "A goal by Mining" in playing the leonine equipment, SD Ponferradina and Real Sporting de Gijon. The triangular won the Real Sporting de Gijon. Saturday August 2 receives the Real Madrid Castilla in the sports area of Puente Castro, who finished 0–0. Wednesday August 6 Deportivo Alaves received in a match they lost 0–1. Saturday received the Real Oviedo, in a party that lost 1–2. Even without winning a game in the preseason, it has a good start to the season in which you can finish in a good position in the standings. And started the season on Wednesday, September 24 played a friendly against Unionists CF, in a game which alternates played and lost 2–0. On Wednesday October 8 plays a friendly with the famous tuxedo shirt against Rayo Majadahonda in Majadahonda, lost 1–0. The team after a shaky moment, get a streak of 13 games unbeaten, breaking in Week 28 showdown against Guijuelo. During that streak, the team shows an enviable level of play and results, making it a strong candidate for the playoff for promotion. At the end of the season, he finished seventh and qualified for Copa del Rey.

Aspire, road of professional football (2015– present) [edit]

Stage AZF (2015– present)[edit]

'2015–2016 Season'

Friday July 10, 2015 made public the agreement to sell the club to Aspire Academy, a training academy players Qatar belonging to AZF group (Aspire Zone Foundation). The investor group marks a continuous line in the first year is not big sports brand objectives but will take care of all everything owed by the club with an initial investment of 1.7 million euros, amount which is figure debt, making a disbursement that day from €200,000 to pay debts to employees and coaches of the quarry. The aim is to financially stabilize the club and then aspire to move up in weight and create a solid structure of quarry. In turn, the hiring will be the coach announced Juan Ferrando.

On September 29, 2015 an extraordinary meeting of shareholders at which the call is executed "accordion operation" by which capital is reduced to zero and then a capital increase opens held in which just over 1,000 € are they underwrote, on December 3, the Qatari underwrote 99% of the shares that remain unfilled at the end of the process of reduction and capital increase for an amount of €551,672 which could go so far shareholders the leonine club. Since that day, at the Extraordinary General Meeting held, Aspire owns Cultural, whose president appointed at such meeting is Tariq Abdulaziz Al Naama. On January 14 it was reported that the club would leave its debt to zero by the end of 2016, a payment 400,000 € with Social Security was also announced, which was the day of payment with Hacienda and said that in the near future debt with Fogasa would be remedied.

In sport a restructuring of the club and the quarry is done, you want to make a club Cultural quarry benchmark nationally and internationally. It aims to create a training club of great players who help the first team to be in second division or even First, as stated in presenting sponsor this year, "Save the dream". The balance at the end of the season is positive with the first qualified for the Copa del Rey team thanks to seventh place in a season in which he dreamed of playing the play-off for promotion as the team it was second during part of the championship but a bad second round, both at home and away, ended that dream. During the first round highlighting good football home game where he won the Racing Santander 2–0 was conducted with great authority. He also stressed the second consecutive rise of Jupiter Leonés in the 2016/17 season up to try Third Division. Youth recover National category, from which wants to Division of Youth Honor.

'2016–2017 Season'

This will be the first year in which the season Aspire plan from the beginning, what could be called the "year 1", as in the previous season officially arrived in December. The goal for the first team is clear, qualify for Play-off for promotion to Second Division. The Jupiter Leonés aims to return to Third Division and consolidate the quarry project. In addition before the end of 2016 we want to leave debt to zero.

Coach to aspire to achieve the objectives will be Rubén de la Barrera, a young but experienced in the category and a projection, which is expected to be the coach to return the club to the silver category.

It makes a good preseason, where only lost two games, one against Real Oviedo. The remaining games were won, including a game against Mirandes in which he won 0–2.

Club structure[edit]

Positio In charges
President Tariq Abdulaziz Al Naama
Vicepresident Iván Bravo
General Director Felipe Llamazares
Sports management Iván Bravo
Rubén de la Barrera
Advisory Board Antonio Martín Espina
José Lasa
Ignacio Álvarez
Fundation culturalista Manuel Carnero
Diego Calzado
Technical secretary Santi Santos
Juan Carlos Valiño (adjunto)
César Villafañe (adjunto)
Social area Juan Luis Diez Mata

Season to season[edit]

Season Tier Division Place Copa del Rey
1929 3 2ªB 1st
1929/30 2 10th
1930/31 3 6th
1942/43 2 10th
1943/44 2 9th
1944/45 2 13th
1945/46 3 3rd
1946/47 3 2nd
1947/48 3 8th
1948/49 3 7th
1949/50 3 5th
1950/51 3 5th
1951/52 3 3rd
1952/53 3 2nd
1953/54 2 4th
1954/55 2 1st
1955/56 1 15th
Season Tier Division Place Copa del Rey
1956/57 2 6th
1957/58 2 16th
1958/59 2 16th
1959/60 3 1st
1960/61 2 12th
1961/62 2 16th
1962/63 3 4th
1963/64 3 3rd
1964/65 3 7th
1965/66 3 2nd
1966/67 3 3rd
1967/68 3 1st
1968/69 3 4th
1969/70 3 2nd
1970/71 3 1st
1971/72 2 5th
1972/73 2 19th
Season Tier Division Place Copa del Rey
1973/74 3 1st
1974/75 2 20th
1975/76 3 6th
1976/77 3 2nd
1977/78 3 2ªB 6th
1978/79 3 2ªB 5th
1979/80 3 2ªB 4th
1980/81 3 2ªB 4th
1981/82 3 2ªB 19th
1982/83 3 2ªB 19th
1983/84 4 2nd
1984/85 4 2nd
1985/86 4 1st
1986/87 4 2nd
1987/88 3 2ªB 14th
1988/89 3 2ªB 8th
1989/90 3 2ªB 7th
Season Tier Division Place Copa del Rey
1990/91 3 2ªB 9th
1991/92 3 2ªB 6th
1992/93 3 2ªB 10th
1993/94 3 2ªB 17th
1994/95 4 1st
1995/96 3 2ªB 4th
1996/97 3 2ªB 8th
1997/98 3 2ªB 4th
1998/99 3 2ªB 1st
1999/00 3 2ªB 9th
2000/01 3 2ªB 2nd
2001/02 3 2ªB 2nd
2002/03 3 2ªB 5th
2003/04 3 2ªB 4th
2004/05 3 2ªB 10th
2005/06 3 2ªB 14th
2006/07 3 2ªB 11th
2007/08 3 2ªB 11th
2008/09 3 2ªB 2nd
2009/10 3 2ªB 12th
Season Tier Division Place Copa del Rey
2010/11 3 2ªB 14th
2011/12 4 3rd
2012/13 4 2nd
2013/14 3 2ªB 14th
2014/15 3 2ªB 7th
2015/16 3 2ªB 7th Second round
2016/17 3 2ªB

Current squad[edit]

As of September 12, 2016

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Spain GK Jorge Palatsí
Spain GK Leandro Montagud
Spain GK Guille Vallejo
Spain DF Viti Díaz (2º captain)
Spain DF César Morgado
Spain DF Ángel Bastos
Spain DF David Forniés
Spain DF Iván González (3º captain)
Spain DF Jorge Cano
Netherlands DF Gianni Zuiverloon
Spain DF José León (on loan from Real Madrid)
Spain MF Cristóbal Gil
Qatar MF Abdullah Abdulsalam
Qatar MF Tarek Salman
No. Position Player
Spain MF Antonio Martínez (1º captain)
Spain MF Yeray González
Spain MF Alex Gallar
Spain MF Mario Ortíz
Spain MF Toni Villa
Spain MF Cristóbal Gil
Spain MF Julen Colinas
Spain MF Alex Gómez
Ivory Coast MF Cheik Alí Touré
Spain MF Sergio Simón
Spain FW Jorge Ortí (on loan from Real Zaragoza)
Spain FW Jaime Moreno (on loan from Málaga CF)
Spain FW Benja Martínez

Notable former players[edit]

Note: this list includes players that have appeared in at least 100 league games and/or have reached international status.

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Famous coaches[edit]


C. Leonesa vs. Sabadell, in the 2008–09 Segunda División promotion playoffs

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