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Culture and Media Institute
CMI Logo.jpg
FounderL. Brent Bozell III
TypeInterest group
FocusPromoting traditional American moral values and fair media treatment of conservatives
Key people
Dan Gainor, director

The Culture and Media Institute (CMI) is a conservative American non-profit organization focusing on promoting what it considers to be traditional values in American culture and beliefs and fair treatment of conservatives in the news media. It was founded in October 2006 as a division of the Media Research Center, a group that monitors perceived liberal news media bias.[1]

The Institute promotes its mission through editorials and research reports. "Eye on Culture" is a regular feature in which CMI writers express their opinions on American popular culture.[2] Among its viewpoints include opposition to the Fairness Doctrine[3] and opposition to same-sex marriage.[4] In March 2007, the CMI published a "National Cultural Values Survey" and concluded from its results that most Americans perceived a decline in moral values.[5] One study released by the organization in July 2007 claimed that television viewing time correlated directly with one's liberal attitude,[6] even possibly degrading to moral attitudes.[7]

CMI founder L. Brent Bozell III.

The CBS crime drama Cold Case has been twice criticized by the CMI for alleged anti-Christian prejudice in two episodes.[8] In May 2008, CMI released another report, one that claimed a moral decline in "Dear Abby" columns.[9]


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