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Cape Verde

Cape Verdean literature[edit]

Eugénio Tavares is one of the best-known poets of the Cape Verdean literature.
A group playing Morna.

Cape Verdean literature is one of the richest of Lusitanian Africa.


Main article: Music of Cape Verde

Cape Verde is known internationally for Morna, a form of folk music usually sung in the Cape Verdean Creole, accompanied by clarinet, violin, guitar and cavaquinho. The islands also feature native genres such as funaná, batuque, coladeira, and mazurka.

Cesária Évora is perhaps the best internationally-known practitioner of morna. She has achieved worldwide fame, counting in her fans many famous people, such as Madonna[7] and Julio Iglesias.[8]


Several games are played regularly in common meeting places such as squares. These are a strong form of social interaction, and sometimes originate informal tournaments that draw the public's attention. Among these games are several card games such as bisca and txintxon, and other games like uril.


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