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The Culver Boulevard Median bicycle path is a stretch of Class 1 bicycle path that runs along Culver Boulevard, beginning to the northeast of Huron Avenue in Culver City, passing under the San Diego Freeway, and ending at Braddock Drive in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Del Rey. A parallel pedestrian path runs alongside the bike path for most of its length, and benches and open grassy spaces line both paths. It is 2.1 miles (3.4 km) in length,[1] and is wheelchair accessible.[2]

At McConnell Avenue, cyclists can access the Ballona Creek bicycle path.



The path is flat along its entire length. Although small residential streets do not cross the median, at major streets cyclists must yield to vehicle traffic and cross when appropriate using pedestrian crosswalks.

The section from Sepulveda Boulevard east to Berryman was recently repaved and re-striped. The earlier reported closure South-West of Sawtelle under the billboard is not in effect and the path is open from one end to the other.

The cities of Los Angeles and Culver City are each responsible for the maintenance of the portions of the path that fall within their respective city limits.

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